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AcadAlly Collaborates with India’s Leading Schools to Empower Students and Teachers with its In-House AI Engine, “LEAP”

AcadAlly, a pioneering AI-tech startup in the education and healthcare sector, partners with some of India’s most prestigious educational institutions to transform the educational landscape by embracing the National Education Policy (NEP) principles. The collaboration will also enable the schools to harness AcadAlly’s cutting-edge data-driven analytics platform, “LEAP” (Learning Engine for Assessment and Progress).

Yash Prakash, Co-founder, AcadAlly

AcadAlly, a pioneering AI-tech startup in the education, has on-boarded 10 schools in a time span of 6 months, which is a commendable feat. The schools that have joined hands with AcadAlly in this groundbreaking initiative include Delhi Public School Bangalore North, KR Mangalam School Greater Kailash-II, Delhi Public School Sahibabad, Delhi Public School Vadodara and Delhi Public School Harni.

We’re committed to transforming education through technology and data-driven insights. This collaboration empowers students and educators, ensuring a brighter, more personalized learning future for the country’s youth,” says Yash Prakash, Co-founder, AcadAlly.

At the core of this collaboration is LEAP, an in-house artificial intelligence engine developed by AcadAlly. It creates a detailed learning database for any subject without location or user limitations. Using smart models, LEAP suggests personalized learning on a big scale based on user input.

LEAP has been recognized for its innovation and is currently undergoing the patenting process in India.

In addition to LEAP, AcadAlly has also developed a generative AI-powered chatbot serving as a mentor for students. This chatbot mentor aids students in grasping subjects and dispelling misconceptions, offering precise support and collating valuable data based on user interactions.

Among the prominent persons supporting AcadAlly include Dr. Pramath Sinha, Founder of Ashoka University, ISB Hyderabad, and Harappa Education. Apart from being their mentor, he has also invested in entrepreneurial ventures.

Co-founded by Ridhi Agarwal and Yash Prakash, AcadAlly benefits from their extensive knowledge and experience. Ridhi, an economist with over four years of international data analytics and investment banking experience at firms like JP Morgan, Nomura, and American Express, holds an economics honours degree from SRCC and Delhi School of Economics. Yash, an engineering graduate from the University of Southampton with an MBA from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, brings technical expertise and a global perspective to the team.

This collaboration between AcadAlly and India’s leading schools marks a significant step toward revolutionizing education in India and providing students and educators with a state-of-the-art learning experience.

About AcadAlly

AcadAlly is a forward-thinking, AI tech startup in the education and healthcare sectors. The company is dedicated to transforming the education landscape by leveraging cutting-edge technology and data-driven analytics to empower students and educators. With its innovative AI engine, LEAP, AcadAlly is committed to delivering personalized and effective learning solutions that align with the National Education Policy (NEP) and transcend geographical and board-related boundaries.