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Amway India dedicates International Women’s Day to Women’s Wellbeing with #HerHealthFirst Campaign 

Fosters women’s inclusion in the realm of health and wellbeing to  cultivate healthier communities.

New Delhi :- Amidst the resounding global call for #InspireInclusion, Amway India, one of the leading Health and Wellbeing companies, stood at the forefront on International Women’s Day with an unwavering commitment to prioritize women’s health through the powerful #HerHealthFirst approach. The initiative aimed at inspiring and amplifying the crucial discourse on women’s health. By organizing a series of events, the company articulated a powerful message to all aspiring women to take charge of their health goals and persist in pushing their boundaries to accomplish their dreams.

Commenting on the occasion, Rajneesh Chopra, Head, Amway India, emphasized, “At Amway, we believe that women are the driving force behind transformative change. In our steadfast commitment to building a healthier India, we recognize the pivotal role women play in their families’ wellbeing. Empowered women are key to fostering better health outcomes at every stage of life. Furthermore, by promoting diversity and inclusion for women, there can be a positive ripple effect that reshapes the society for the better.”

He further added, “This year’s International Women’s Day theme, #InspireInclusion, resonates perfectly with Amway’s commitment to celebrating women’s holistic wellbeing. We focus on empowering women to make informed choices regarding their health and that of their families. We encourage women to embrace self-care, healthy lifestyles, and wellness pursuits. By cultivating an environment where women flourish physically, emotionally, and professionally, Amway aims to catalyze a positive shift toward inclusive wellbeing. It is truly inspiring to witness women taking the lead in pursuing their health goals. With over 60% of Amway Business Owners being women, it’s evident of our commitment to promoting health and wellbeing, setting a powerful example. Under the campaign #HerHealthFirst, we collaborate to create a world where women’s health is championed and celebrated. As their prosperity and wellbeing pave the way for a more inclusive, promising, and healthier future for all.”

In the North region, Amway India hosted a series of online interventions focused on the holistic wellbeing of women. This included a mega panel discussion under the banner ‘Empowered Women, Empower Women,’ highlighting the stories of women entrepreneurs who have broken barriers and achieved a significant mark in driving health and wellbeing, to build a healthier future for all. Keeping in mind women’s health needs, an expert speaker session by a reputed Gynecologist was organized, who spoke on ‘empowering women’s health’ from overall physical and mental wellbeing perspective. Other activities included grooming and skincare sessions, social contests, and more, to engage and celebrate womanhood.

Amway India has been one of the leading advocates for health-conscious individuals striving for excellence. In commemoration of International Women’s Day, Amway India echoed a powerful sentiment, encouraging aspiring women to embrace leadership in their health journeys. The company’s commitment to supporting women extends far beyond mere words; it is ingrained in its core values. Through initiatives like Narishakti, a women’s livelihood program, and Project Pehal, the company exemplifies its dedication to providing comprehensive support and training. These efforts aim to empower women from marginalized communities, thereby contributing to the collective progress and prosperity of society at large.