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Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Interest Rate of up to 7.45 percent p.a. Can Help Shape your Future

New Delhi: One of the most critical areas of our lives is investing. Numerous investment programmes can be perplexing to newcomers who must also examine the risks of investing. It is essential to be cautious when investing in bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and fixed deposits. As a result, you should consider Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits, one of the most prevalent, stable, and low risk investing options (FDs).

Fixed deposits offer several advantages that can help you reach your financial goals. Let us have a look at them:

Guaranteed returns: You will receive a guaranteed return if you invest in fixed deposits. For this reason, most people invest in fixed deposits. The interest rate can be found on the bank’s website. You may also use their online fixed deposit calculators to calculate your return on investment.

Higher interest rate: The interest rate on FDs is higher than the interest rate on savings accounts. Senior citizens typically receive higher interest rates from banks and other non-bank financial institutions (NBFCs).

Here’s a table with Rs. 3 lakh as the sum invested and a 44-month tenor to see your payout at various FD rates Bajaj Finance offers for non-senior citizen customers.

Payout option FD rates (p.a.) Interest earnings in Rs. Total earnings in Rs.
On Maturity 7.20% 87,111 3,87,111
Monthly 6.97% 76,670 3,76,670
Quarterly 7.01% 77,110 3,77,110
Half-yearly 7.08% 77,880 3,77,880
Yearly 7.20% 79,200 3,79,200

The results mentioned above were calculated using the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Calculator.

The flexibility of tenor:Fixed Deposit account holders can choose the duration of their deposits. Customers can choose to extend their deposit period once it expires. Bajaj Finance FD can last anywhere from one year to 5 years.

Rate of Interest per annum valid for customers below 60 years of age

Period (except table 2) Cumulative Non-Cumulative
At Maturity Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly Annual
12 – 23 months 5.75 5.60 5.63 5.67 5.75
24 – 35 months 6.40 6.22 6.25 6.30 6.40
36 – 60 months 7.00 6.79 6.82 6.88 7.00
Special interest rates for customers below 60 years of age
Period Cumulative Non-Cumulative
At Maturity Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly Annual
15 months 6.00 5.84 5.87 5.91 6.00
18 months 6.10 5.94 5.97 6.01 6.10
22 months 6.25 6.08 6.11 6.16 6.25
30 months 6.50 6.31 6.35 6.40 6.50
33 months 6.75 6.55 6.59 6.64 6.75
44 months 7.20 6.97 7.01 7.08 7.20

Senior citizens are offered an additional 0.25% rate over and above the rates mentioned above.

Liquidation is simple: You can quickly liquidate your online FD through internet banking. Go to your local branch and fill out the liquidation form to finish the procedure.

Available loans: Bajaj Finance provide loans secured by FDs. As a result, in a financial emergency, you may be able to borrow up to 75% of the deposit amount.

Safe investment option: If you’re looking for a suitable FD, keep in mind that the Bajaj Finserv Fixed Deposit comes with the highest credit ratings of FAAA and MAAA awarded by CRISIL and ICRA.

Small monthly deposits: With the unique SDP facility from Bajaj Finance, you don’t need to invest a lump sum. You can make monthly contributions starting new FDs based on the current FD rates during your investments, starting at just Rs. 5,000.

You can use the Fixed deposit to plan your future with all the above benefits. Whether it is your retirement, wedding, education or any other expenses, a Fixed Deposit ensures that your money grows steadily without being subjected to any market volatility. Along with the interest rate, the timing of booking a fixed deposit is also essential in determining how much money can be saved at the end of the term. Invest online now in Bajaj Finance FD and make your future stress free!