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Casa Decor: Empowering Indian Artisans While Serving Global Customers

New Delhi: Casa Decor, a reputed Indian home decor brand with a huge consumer base across the globe, is empowering the artisans of the country while touching lives as well as hearts, one decor item at a time. With their penchant for identifying and nurturing talent, the company has created numerous employment opportunities for artisans to facilitate their livelihood earning efforts while improving their standard of living. Today, Casa Decor has a team of more than 5,000 efficient artisans at different bases of the company at Jaipur and Jodhpur in Rajasthan, and Moradabad in UP. Driven by their core philosophy, the brand pays a heartfelt tribute to artisans across the globe with a renewed commitment to enhance their lives in every way possible.

Casa Decor manufacturing unit

Casa Decor, which caters to the needs of consumers across the globe, strives to spread the aesthetic beauty of Indian crafts worldwide. Rooted firmly in the belief that this goal can only be accomplished by supporting Indian artisans, it has developed a robust policy for their welfare. The policy, which has a fair wage system at its core, is strictly adhered to at all levels. Male and female artisans are paid equally according to their work and skill set. This equal wage model gives financial stability and encourages them to put their creativity to good use.

Mr. Niraj Johri, Founder, Casa Decor elaborates,“A truly Indian brand, Casa Decor, has an unwavering trust in the talent of Indian artisans and a deep respect for Indian craft. With our products reaching far and wide, the artisans get to enjoy a global reputation. Casa Decor aspires to offer them a conducive atmosphere and a powerful system to enhance their status globally. We take care of all their needs and requirements so that they can concentrate on their craft and contribute toward the finest quality output. We conduct policy reviews regularly to ensure artisans growth and well-being. Consequently, our company receives association requests from artisans residing all across India every day.”

Casa Decor leaves no stone unturned to provide the handicraft artists a great working environment which stimulates them to give their best. The globally recognized brand lays special emphasis on the well-being of artisans and promotes their overall health. In keeping with this core principle, Casa Decor has developed a supportive atmosphere with a culture of mutual trust and respect. This principle is all-pervasive and influences everything from mental well-being to the productivity of artisans positively. Senior officials of the company communicate with them regularly to understand their problems, and an effective system of reward and recognition keeps them motivated. Owing to such favourable practices, Casa Decor maintains a high retention rate.

Casa Decor has been providing a thriving environment to artisans. The company gives us creative freedom and allows us to bring out our creativity to be able to create decor items for the global market. We are thankful to Casa Decor officials for the constant support they provide us,” sharesAbdul Rehman, a Moradabad-based artisan associated with Casa Decor.

Furthermore, the company pays special attention to the growth of artisans. Casa Decor not only revises the pay at regular intervals, but also supports those who wish to start their own business and stores. The company offers them every possible support including strategy development to penetrate the highly competitive market. Many artisans who have worked with Casa Decor now run successful businesses of their own. The artisan-centric approach of the company makes it a popular choice for consumers across the globe.

Casa Decor is a brand that has its heart in the right place. The company truly honours indigenous art by embracing the crafts of specific regions and allowing artisans to infuse their unique cultural flavour into their creations. Ingrained with a deep respect for Indian art and crafts, the brand strives to provide employment opportunities to artisans from across the country while promoting the beauty of Indian handicrafts. A loyal supporter of ‘Make in India‘, Casa Decor has its roots firmly planted in the Indian soil as it continues to support local talent while serving global customers.