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Chennai’s Smart Accountants Aims to become a McKinsey of India Offering Full Bouquet of IT and Consulting Services

New Delhi: Smart Accountants, a Chennai-based business consulting and business process automation solutions company, aims to become a McKinsey of India by offering matching business services in terms of breadth, depth, scale, and quality.

The company offers a wide range of services – from company registration to marketing automation, to 800+ customers in South India. It plans to increase its customer count to 5,000 and cover pan India by 2025.

Founded in 2019 by three chartered accountants with the aim of automating and boosting productivity in accounting operations for organisations, Smart Accountants has diversified its services. It has built a client base for systems integration for ERP solutions. It added regulatory compliance, legal consulting, digital marketing, among others to its services portfolio. The companys team size has increased from four at the time of its inception to 30 now. It is set to increase the headcount to 50 by the end of this year.

Commenting about the company’s growth plans, Mr. N.K. Balachandiran, CEO, said, “Our goal is to become one of the renowned Information Technology-based audit firms in India with competencies matching that of the McKinseys of the world. Our growth enablers always are our responsive team, quick turnaround time, and value for money. We are extremely focused on customer satisfaction, and delivering results with our start-stabilize-scale up approach.”

In his comments, Mr. V Sudarsanan, Chief of Operations, said, “The organisation effectively uses the ticketing system to solve customer problems instantly and in a streamlined manner. It also creates a dashboard for every customer to recognise the business value of its professional services and automation solutions. Since we understand finance and operations of our customers well, we could prove to be their valuable partner in pretty much all other functions such as marketing, and capacity planning,” he remarked.

In his perspective, Mr. M. Gautham, Chief Entrepreneur, said, “Though we offer a diversified set of services, they are essentially business take off solutions. The idea is to help our startup customers hit the ground running and our established customers scale up. Our greatest asset is our young and energetic team who are readily available for consulting and advisory. Internally, our focus lies in resource optimisation: we engage only required resources for a given operation. This saves cost for our customers. Also, we let customers pay as they grow – instead of pay per use.

He pointed out that a vast majority of companies in India run their operations in an unorganised way. Their operations are man-dependent and not systems-driven. “Hence, before selling our services, we face the challenge of educating the customers about the benefits of embracing a system. It is a prerequisite for IT adoption and running a business with data,” he added.

A majority of the customers of Smart Accountants are from hospitality, telecom, MSMEs, industrial appliances, and construction & infrastructure sectors. Their turnover varies from a few crores to hundreds of crores. Among the key tech solutions the company uses include Zoho, QuickBooks, Tally, SAP ERP, and a host of digital marketing tools. Smart Accountants boasts of a modern workplace that exists amidst a green and eco-friendly environment.