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CMS IT Services Releases the CXO’s Guide to Leveraging Emerging Technology to Sharpen Competitive Edge

CMS IT Services today unveiled their guide – ‘Staying competitive in the post-pandemic decade‘ authored by Executive Director Anuj Vaid, that discusses the most transformative technologies for the next decade and offers insights on which horses to back in the technology race.

Anuj Vaid, Executive Director, CMS IT Services

As global business races towards digitalization, one question keeps the C-suite up at night. “What emerging technologies have the power to disrupt my industry and jeopardize my company What technologies can we ride to success As advancements in multiple emerging technologies converge to create unprecedented value, is it possible to anticipate the impact of different technologies and make the strategic choices that are right for my business and my customers” author Vaid has cited possibilities for many of us.

The pandemic has shed light on the inevitability of digital and its significance for businesses to carry on with minimal disruptions to their business as usual. The e-trends kickstarted in the last five years have picked up the pace since 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down in the next decade. Enterprises, their employees as well as consumers have all fallen into sync with digital tech empowered by AI/ML, Blockchain, IoT etc, so adopting them will no longer be by choice for businesses.

India is at the precipice of great change as far as digital is concerned. India Inc is evolving and so are the needs and habits of our domestic as well as international clientele. Agility, ease of access and quality assurance are tied to every product or service out there and most firms are gearing up to meet these sky-high standards. A digital takeover is imminent, and we have to think ahead to keep up, so our businesses are not a step behind technology-adoption-wise,” advises Vaid.

The guide examines and elaborates on the current as well as futuristic technologies that will enable digital transformation for enterprises spanning the BFSI, Healthcare, Government and Public Services and Education sectors. Subsequent chapters on the same for the Manufacturing, Retail and Global Inhouse Center sectors will be published soon.

To stay competitive and thrive in the resurging digital economy, download the guide now: