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Crompton’s Built-In Kitchen Appliances Business Case Study Showcased in the India Edition of ‘Essentials of Modern Marketing’

Having ventured into the ‘Built-In Kitchen Appliances‘ category, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd., a prominent player in the industry, has been featured in the India Edition of Essentials of Modern Marketing by Philip Kotler and Tuhin Mukherjee. The inclusion of Cromptons success story is a recognition of the brands noteworthy achievements and strategic marketing approach. Being featured as a case study in the book highlights the brands innovative steps and contributions in shaping modern marketing practices in the Indian market.

Crompton Receives Certificate of Recognition from Dr. Philip Kotler and Kotler Impact Team

Crompton believes in launching products based on clear consumer insights. The company undertook extensive research to identify the unmet needs of the consumer. Based on these insights, the company launched differentiated products in the ‘Built-In Kitchen Appliances’ category to add value to the consumer’s life. The consumer research conducted suggests that all Crompton chimneys, hobs, and dishwashers ranked higher in purchase intent by ~10-30% compared to competition. This is because they address specific consumer pain points such as the need for low noise and hassle-free cleaning in a Chimney or a safety device in a Hob.

Crompton, in addition to offering an impressive range of products, is dedicated to providing an exceptional brand experience for consumers. Through a network of exclusive brand stores managed by channel partners, these stores boast a luxurious atmosphere, allowing customers to thoroughly assess products and explore their features in a real-life setting. The serene environment facilitates meaningful discussions with in-store consultants, covering topics such as recipes, kitchen layouts, and lifestyles. Recognizing that kitchen appliances are performance-oriented, Crompton ensures customers make informed choices. The establishment of over 80 exclusive brand stores, coupled with partnerships with leading regional retail and modern trade brands within just 18 months, has significantly contributed to revenue scaling.

Furthermore, a comprehensive 360-degree marketing strategy, featuring industry-first deployment of digital tools, has substantially increased brand consideration scores, putting Crompton on par with market leaders. This strategy prioritizes both awareness and consideration, with print, digital, and outdoor initiatives strategically designed to capture an 8% share of mind within six months of campaign implementation. Crompton is enhancing its service infrastructure to ensure a superior customer experience, extending from installation to post-installation services across more than 20,000 pin codes. This strategic approach solidifies Cromptons success in the built-in kitchen appliances category, emphasizing its commitment to customer satisfaction and market leadership.

Nitesh Mathur, Business Head – New Business, CGCEL stated, “At Crompton, our commitment goes beyond just providing top-notch kitchen appliances. We believe in offering a complete brand experience. Our exclusive brand stores, designed for comfort and exploration, allow customers to engage with our products in a relaxed environment. The success of our 360-degree marketing strategy and digital initiatives reflects our dedication to becoming a household name. With a focus on informed choices and superior customer service, were not just selling appliances; were enhancing lifestyles. We are delighted to be recognized by the Father of Modern Marketing.”

Adding further, Mr. Promeet Ghosh, MD & CEO,CGCEL said, “Kitchen is a strategic space for Crompton and kitchen appliances will drive future growth and we will strive to drive growth though this business. This feature is a testament to our winning value proposition.”

Essentials of Modern Marketing‘ offers an insightful and current overview of how modern marketing operates in todays dynamic environment. It focuses on essential marketing knowledge beneficial for both practitioners and global students. The India Edition specifically highlights success stories from remarkable Indian organizations, making it a rich resource for understanding the dynamics of modern marketing. Packed with local success stories, the book serves as a comprehensive guide to harnessing the potential of contemporary marketing strategies. It aims to bridge the gap between academic concepts and real-world marketing practices. Following a practical approach, the book incorporates various case studies to benefit students, entrepreneurs, and the corporate community at large.

With a legacy spanning over 85 years, Cromptons expertise lies in core competencies of motor technology and air management. Cromptons commitment to addressing unique consumer needs in the Indian market has driven its Built-In Kitchen Appliances to the forefront of the industry. Cromptons inclusion in Essentials of Modern Marketing – India Edition by Philip Kotler is a direct result of our commitment to excellence in business and marketing strategies. By establishing over 80 exclusive brand stores, implementing a pioneering 360-degree marketing approach and prioritizing customer satisfaction, Crompton has not only scaled revenues but also earned a place in this esteemed publication.