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Cultivator Natural Products becomes the First Company in the Organic Industry Segment to Receive a ZED Gold Certificate from Ministry of MSME

New Delhi. : Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. received a ZED Gold Certification (Level 3) on 17th November 2022 by upholding the values of Zero Defect Zero Effect in its practices. The company received the certificate in the category of ‘Manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medicinal chemicals, and botanical products. The company has also relaunched its star product – the world’s first Fair for Life (FFL) certified hair color range in completely sustainable packaging.

Cultivator’s 100% plant-based organic herbal hair colors in complete sustainable packaging

As per the guidance of the Prime Minister on India’s 68th Independence Day anniversary, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India, to make goods with “zero defects” to ensure that the commodities have “zero impact” on the environment.

Cherishing the proud moment Mr. Narayan Dass Prajapati, Founder of Cultivator’s Group, said, “The ecosystem around the ZED model is built to make aware, assess & certify, counsel MSMEs and ensure that they rise up the ZED ladder and enhance their competitiveness in the global marketplace and making them truly ‘Atmanirbhar‘. Cultivator’s has already reached the top of the ladder, thus receiving ZED Gold certification. We are happy to have added another feather of success to our cap.”

Sharing the same enthusiasm, Mr. Tarun Prajapati, Co-founder & Managing Director, Cultivator’s group, said, “This success is a cumulative endeavor of the whole Cultivator team. Together we are progressing to achieve our shared vision of being carbon neutral by 2030. We have brought to the market the most sustainable beauty product ever with a plethora of benefits for hair health and that too with zero defect and zero effect on the environment.”

Continuing his words, Mr. Prajapati also said, “Being the first one in our sector to receive the highest ZED certification is a blissful moment for us. Moreover, receiving such an honor at the time of the launch of our FFL-certified hair colors in 100% sustainable packaging makes for a complete celebration.”

Cultivator’s has been offering 100% plant-based organic herbal hair color in recyclable packaging printed with vegetal ink and includes shower cap and gloves made of Cultivator’s has considerably decreased waste, increased productivity, promoted environmental consciousness, saved energy, used natural resources more efficiently, and has extended its markets pursuing the ZED Certification mandates.