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Department of School Education conducts 31,275 Cleanliness Campaigns by October 31, 2023 under Special Campaign 3.0

The Department of School Education, Ministry of Education has successfully developed a mass movement for Swachhata in the Special Campaign 3.0. The Department of School Education & Literacy (DoSE&L) and its Autonomous Bodies have elevated this campaign to new heights through collaboration with educational institutions and schools across the nation. This collaborative effort involved the enthusiastic participation of more than 8 lakh school students and over 43,000 dedicated teachers.

DoSE&L has not only met but surpassed its target by successfully conducting 31,275 Cleanliness Campaigns by October 31, 2023. This comprehensive campaign placed a special emphasis on addressing public grievances, public grievance appeals, and the meticulous review of 39,169 files to ensure proper recording and the efficient disposal of public grievances.

As of October 31, 2023, the Department of School Education & Literacy (DoSE&L) has achieved several significant milestones:

  • Execution of 31,275 successful cleanliness campaigns during the Special Campaign.
  • Disposing of 799 public grievances, demonstrating the commitment to addressing citizens’ concerns.
  • Achieving a 100% disposal rate of public grievance appeals.
  • The reclamation of 5,85,861 square feet of space, effectively repurposed for productive use such as school nutrition gardens, playgrounds etc.
  • Thorough review of 39,001 files with the identification and weeding of 18,062 redundant files, marking a substantial achievement in streamlining processes.

During the Special Campaign 3.0 following best practices came up:-

Students engaged in making compost pits at schools

  • 697 New Eco Clubs were established with a vision to open Eco Clubs in 100% KVS, NVS, CBSE Schools by Special Campaign 4.0
  • 18,767 Compost pits were established where 40,505 KGs compost was generated.
  • More than 26000 KGs Scrap was disposed of during the campaign period
  • Emphasis on 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle is made
  • KVS has started a best practice with help of Teachers and students for Beautifying Switch Boards and walls

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ECO Clubs at schools teaching their peers, school staff, parents & the community about environmental issues through club activities

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National Bal Bhavan engaged in teaching students to create art and craft from waste and discarded material

On October 25, 2023, Shri Sanjay Kumar, Secretary, Department of School Education & Literacy presented the accomplishments of DOSEL during Special Campaign 3.0 at a press conference hosted by the Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances (DARPG) at the National Media Centre in New Delhi. During the conference, the Secretary emphasized the significance of collective responsibility, underlining that “A Cleaner India” is not merely a slogan but a shared commitment that all must embrace.

Secretary (DoSE&L) presenting at a press conference hosted by the DARPG at the National Media Centre in New Delhi

A remarkable 400 square-foot mural featuring Mahaprabhu Jagannath, Mahaprabhu Balabhadra,and Maa Subhadra created by PM SHRI Kendriya Vidyalaya, Berhampur

The wholehearted engagement of educational institutions and schools in Special Campaign 3.0 serves as an inspirational example to the world. A notable highlight was the exceptional contribution of PM SHRI Kendriya Vidyalaya, Berhampur, who created a remarkable 400 square-foot mural featuring Mahaprabhu Jagannath, Mahaprabhu Balabhadra, and Maa Subhadra. This striking artwork, crafted from over 5,500 recycled plastic bottle caps, symbolizes the promotion of unity, environmental awareness, and the vital message of “Never Forget Nature” and “Never Forget Your Vidyalaya.” It serves as a powerful testament to the spirit of this campaign.