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Dish TV Launches ‘Own Your Customer’ Initiative, Forges Crucial Partnership with Local Cable Operators (LCOs)

March 2024: Dish TV India, a leading DTH service provider, has launched its marquee and unique ‘Own Your Customer’ (OYC) as part of its partnership with Local Cable Operators (LCOs). This collaboration with Dish TV will deliver a superior TV viewing experience to customers in a simplified manner eliminating the need for extensive infrastructure such as optical fiber, transmitters, nodes, and amplifiers.This partnership will ensure robust connectivity while enhancing the overall reliability of the network.

After COVID-19, while OTT platforms and DTH services continued to grow, traditional cable TV services suffered a minor setback. In such a situation, the ‘Own Your Customer’ (OYC) initiative launched by Dish TV will prove helpful to cable operators in strengthening their customer base. Cable operatorswere concerned about their declining customer base as they wanted to shift to DTH to avoid interruptions in their TV viewing experience. This Dish TV’s initiative will not only provide a perfect solution but will also help them retain their customer base without additional overhead costs.

With this OYC initiative, LCOs and MSOs (Multisystem Operations) will enjoy complete control over their networks and act as distributors of Dish TV in their respective areas such as recharge and activation through their self-operated portal, eliminating dependence on external entities. Consumers will now experience better technology with the assistance of their cable operators. Moreover, LCOs will have the opportunity to install broadband, enabling customers to utilize new digital technologies like the Dish TV Android Box from the comfort of their homes, not only further strengthening the broadband connection provided by LCOs but also providing end-to-end solution to customers.

Commenting on the initiative, Manoj Dobhal, CEO – Dish TV India Ltd, stated, “We are delighted to introduce the ‘Own Your Customer’ campaign, a first-of-its-kind and unique initiative in media distribution. It marks a major change in cable TV distribution. This initiative by Dish TV will not only empower LCOs and MSOs but will also enable them to expand their customer base and reduce operating costs, while Dish TV will gain access to new customers and reduce servicing overheads. This relationship ensures that both parties are committed to driving industry-wide change while providing unmatched value and services to customers.”

Through OYC, Dish TV reaffirms its commitment to supporting the growth of LCO businesses. Its primary objective is to revitalize the cable TV industry with the combined strength of both DTH and cable networks. Dish TV is fostering the growth of LCOs and MSOs by enhancing their customer relationships and introducing a customer-centric approach to TV distribution.

This unique initiative by Dish TV has garnered significant attention and interest from customers in the television distribution sector. It is expected to play a pivotal role in reshaping the future of entertainment distribution.