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DS Group Unveils SaveTheFuture Campaign to Highlight A Social Change on ‘World Environment Day’

~Through this innovative initiative, DS Group uses tech-based tools for storytelling highlighting the need for sustainable living practices ~

New Delhi, June 2024 – Dharampal Satyapal Group (DS Group), a multi-business corporation and a leading FMCG Conglomerate, gears up to celebrate World Environment Day by launching an innovative awareness campaign, #SaveTheFuture. This compelling campaign highlights the pressing need for sustainable living and the disastrous outcomes of unchecked environmental degradation.

This innovative #SaveTheFuture campaign will kick off on June 5th, on World Environment Day, with a unique ‘newspaper of the future’ print ad which is the centre piece of this campaign. Scanning a code opens a video showcasing future headlines like ‘The grass is no longer greener on either side,’ ending with the message: ‘Our sayings will lose their essence if we don’t act now to save the nature.’ The Campaign will unfold in phases, utilizing various media and digital platforms to convey its message.

Throwing light on the recently launched campaign, Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman, DS Group, said, “DS Group has always reaffirmed its commitment to a greener and more sustainable planet. With our latest #SaveTheFuture campaign, we aim to provoke thought and inspire action through innovative storytelling and digital engagement. The #SaveTheFuture campaign serves as a wake-up call, urging individuals and communities to rethink their relationship with nature and adopt sustainable practices for a better tomorrow for future generations.”

The #SaveTheFuture campaign is built on a profound insight into human nature ‘our tendency to undervalue the treasures we possess until they are lost’. Through a combination of innovative and tech-based storytelling and immersive visuals, DS Group endeavours to showcase a glimpse of a possible future ravaged by environmental neglect. The campaign will run on various social media platforms, where AI-generated images will highlight issues like pollution and the importance of preserving water reservoirs, complemented by reels from content creators, etc. An AI-created audio-visual montage will depict a grim future if degradation continues.

The #SaveTheFuture campaign is poised to make a significant impact on World Environment Day and beyond, challenging individuals and institutions to confront the stark realities of environmental degradation and embrace a collective commitment to positive change.