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Emerging Technologies and Industry Insights Highlighted at BES EXPO 2024

New Delhi, February 17, 2024: The second day of the 28th International Conference & Exhibition Broadcast & Media Technology – BES EXPO 2024, organized by the Broadcast Engineering Society (BES), saw an impressive gathering of Broadcasters, Industry leaders, Professionals, and Experts converging to delve into emerging trends, technologies, and best practices in broadcasting.

A significant highlight of the day was the session on D2M Broadcasting and the Challenges ahead for Digital Radio Broadcasting. Industry luminaries presented insightful discussions on the subject, with Mr. Delbert Parks, President of Sinclair Technology, USA, delivering a keynote address on D2M technologies and the anticipated benefits for stakeholders. The subsequent panel discussion, chaired by former CEO of Prasar Bharati, Mr. Shashi Shekhar Vempati, featured esteemed panelists shedding light on various facets, including Prof. K. Giridhar from IIT-Madras, Mr. Vinosh James from Qualcomm, Mr. Prashant Maru from Saankhya Labs, and Mr. Satish Chittibabu, CEO of Fanisko, USA. Notably, Mr. Giridhar presented captivating use cases of sub-700 MHz spectrum.

Another engaging session focused on the Challenges ahead in Digital Radio Broadcasting, tracing the evolution of radio from Analog to Digital. Mr. S. Krishnan, Secretary of MEiTY, emphasized the imperative for diligent collaboration, particularly in the convergence between telecom, information & broadcasting, and information technology.

Attendees also benefited from sessions discussing the Changing Landscapes of Satellite Communications and the Impact of World Radio Congress (WRC)-23 on the Indian Regulatory Framework.

The exhibition floor buzzed with activity, drawing significant foot traffic. The spotlight was on the Direct to Mobile (D2M) broadcasting kiosk, piquing the interest of both technologists and consumers alike. Additionally, the kiosk showcasing HD radio garnered considerable attention from visitors.

BES EXPO 2024 continues to serve as a premier platform for industry players to exchange insights, explore innovations, and shape the future of broadcasting technology.