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FinMapp-Bajaj Finance Collaborates to Introduce the ‘Fixed Deposit’ Feature on the FinMapp App

New Delhi: FinMapp has launched an all-new ‘Fixed Deposit‘ feature in the FinMapp application. The Fintech major has updated the app by adding a new icon for an improved customer experience, collaborating with Bajaj Finance.

The fintech firm is offering to provide an interest rate of 7.35% on the fixed deposit of app users, which will assist in beating the high inflation rate that is currently prevailing. Investors now have multiple tenures to choose from as they can now make fixed deposits for 15, 18, 22, 30, 33, and 44 months, or opt for tenures of 1, 3, and 5 years, respectively.

The interest rates have been revised to accentuate customer engagement and convenience, and offer greater benefits to users in accordance with different categories and specific time periods. The associated partner is giving the highest interest rates to new, existing, and senior citizen customers, offering a fixed income product with high-interest rates for the diverse client base.

On the addition of a new feature, Mr. Kumar Binit, Co-founder and CEO, FinMapp said, “The newly added Fixed Deposit feature to our app will help our customers take advantage of high-interest rates. It will ultimately lead to customer satisfaction and also accelerate engagement and increased activity on our app. The FinMapp app has crossed over 50,000 users in just 3 months. We always strive to increase the financial health and wealth of our users. We believe in introducing new policies and features to upgrade the user interface and provide them with exclusive offers to raise the standards of the fintech sector in India. We are delighted to collaborate with Bajaj Finance in this endeavour to bring about new elements and fulfil the demands of our users.”