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Five Reasons to Invest in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit and Enjoy High-interest Rates in 2022

New Delhi: During the financial year 2021-2022, the market shifted favourably for investors as FD issuers increased their interest rate offers. These rising FD rates in India are suitable for investors looking to inject steady returns into their portfolios. The FD has historically been a safe investment, one that many Indians have relied on to grow their wealth. Being the go-to option, it has eliminated doubts about investing hard-earned money.

Accessibility has also improved over the years, and investing now takes just a few minutes. But, knowing where to invest is still a challenge. Assessing credibility and profitability is critical in such situations, and here the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit stands out amongst its competitors. With interest rates of up to 7.05% p.a., investors have the potential to earn handsomely, much higher than many with other reputed issuers.Here’s a detailed breakdown of why one should invest with Bajaj Finance in 2022.

Earn fixed returns with high FD rates in India

Unlike other investment options, fixed deposits are preferred due to their attractive and secured returns. The returns on fixed deposits are secured as the interest rate remains constant throughout the tenor. Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits offer high returns for its investors with an interest rate up to 6.80% p.a. for non-senior citizens. Senior citizens enjoy an additional 0.25% interest rate, up to 7.05% p.a., making it a wise choice to build a post-retirement corpus.

The tenor for a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit ranges from 12 months to 60 months, offering investors much-needed flexibility to achieve their financial goals. Here is an example to highlight the potential earnings one can expect.

Consider an investment of Rs. 2,00,000 for 5 years.

Type of investor Interest rate Interest earned Maturity amount
Non-senior citizen 6.80% p.a. Rs. 77,899 Rs. 2,77,899
Senior citizen 7.05% p.a. Rs. 81,166 Rs. 2,81,166

Disclaimer: The above values are calculated using the Bajaj Finserv Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator.

Invest safely without worrying about market volatility

Investing in a fixed deposit is much safer when compared to other investment options. This is because the FD isnt affected by market fluctuations, and the interest rates do not get affected by volatility. Whats more, the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit has been accredited with the highest ratings. The FD is rated FAAA/Stable and MAAA/Stable by CRISIL and ICRA. Investors never have to worry about defaults as their investment is virtually risk-free.

Start investing without requiring a large corpus

Investors can start investing in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit with a minimum of Rs. 25,000. As a result, they don’t need to build a large corpus to lock an investment at a profitable rate. Apart from the lump sum option, Bajaj Finance offers the Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP). Here, one can invest systematically by depositing a minimum of Rs. 5,000 every month. Every deposit is considered a new FD at the prevailing interest rate.

The SDP gives access to two maturity options: the Monthly Maturity Scheme and the Single Maturity Scheme. Under the Monthly Maturity Scheme, investors get monthly interest payouts. All deposits mature on a set date in the Single Maturity Scheme, so each FDs tenor is adjusted accordingly. The entire maturity amount is paid on a single day at maturity.

Get an affordable loan when needed

In instances where investors need emergency funds, Bajaj Finance offers a digital loan against the fixed deposit. Investors can get up to 75% of the FD value as a loan, and the FD remains uninterrupted.

Access digital provisions to simplify investing

Fintech provisions have greatly simplified investing, and investors can now invest online. The process is secure, and Bajaj Finserv offers intuitive requirements for everyone. To book a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit, these are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the website and click on Invest Online
  • Enter basic information and verify via an OTP sent to the registered mobile number
  • Existing customers can verify details. New customers have to verify KYC by uploading necessary documents
  • Choose the amount to deposit, the tenor, and required details
  • Invest through UPI or net banking

As modern solutions make it easier to invest in market-linked instruments, investors should include secure options in their portfolios. Here, a Bajaj Finance FD makes sense, especially considering the current profitability of the FD rates in India. Book an online FD now to invest wisely and reap the benefits of stable returns.