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Glance brings Bigg Boss excitementon over 200 million smart lock screens;Know what more you can do with Glance

If you’re a Bigg Boss enthusiast, your front-row seat to all the drama and excitement inside the Bigg Boss house is here! Glance, the smart lock screen platform, is your key to unlock all the latest gossips and behind-the-scenes scoop from the world of Bigg Boss. And it’s not just for you; over 200 smart million lock screens are in on the action too!

With the theme of the reality show this season being Dil, Dimaag Aur Dum, The Bigg Boss house is featuring three distinct rooms which have been the game-changer this season. What’s even more exciting is that, for the first time in Bigg Boss history, the Dimaag roomfeatures a life-sized installation of Glance Smart Lock Screen. This is providing the contestants with access to external information, enabling them to strategize and play smarter than ever before!

But wait, there’s more to Glance! While you immerse yourselfin the Bigg Boss drama, your smart lock screen holds even more surprises. Available on majority of leading Android smartphones in India, Glance seamlessly brings personalised and premium content to the Smart Lock Screens, thanks to the magicof artificial intelligence (AI) and strategic collaborations with renowned publishers. There is no need to look for engaging experiences and content anymore, or search or download any app. A simple press of the power button on your smartphone will treat you to freshexperience andcontent directly on their yourSmart Lock Screen via Glance.

So, dive into Glance – it’s more than just a Smart Lock Screen; it’s your window into the world of entertainment! Here’s everything that Glance currently offers:

  1. Personalised Content – Every time you power up your device, you will enter a customised world of what you want to see. You can browse from over 15 categories such as entertainment, fashion & lifestyle, music, sports, business, cars & bikes, comedy, food & health, talent, science & technology and more, based on what your preferences are. In India, Glance offers content in 7 languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi and Kannada
  • News–You can get the latest news from across India and the world, personalised to your interests
  • LIVE – On Roposo, Glance’s trend-first platform for LIVE experiences and shopping, you can watch various creator-led, interactive, LIVE content across formats including vox pop, chat shows, live challenges, individual creator shows, multicasts, and game shows on entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, food & cooking, fitness, sports, comedy, dating & romance, art & décor, personal finance and more. With more than 500+ content creators and live streamers on Roposo, the content is always fresh, exciting and on point with what’s trending. In fact, for Bigg Boss there will be daily shows to keep you informed and decode the contestants’ gameplay and strategy and what’s going on inside the house.
  • Shopping – You don’t have to spend hours choosing the right shopping app anymore. Why? Because Roposo, on Glance Smart Lock Screen brings a unique e-commerce solution, just for you! On Roposo now you can shop for the trendiest fashion sourced locally and globally, all on your Smart Lock Screen. The products range from stylish apparel, home decor, quirky products, and electronics to choose from. Roposo does more than 1.3 lakh orders every day, and the numbers are steadily rising!
  • Games – Glance’s Nostra has a huge library of 500 games across 15+ categories such as strategy, quizzes, and more on the lock screen. You don’t need to install these games and can play as many games as you want without unlocking your phone! With 82 million monthly active users, Nostra has become one of the most popular gaming platforms on the lock screen.

So, whether you’re a Bigg Boss enthusiast or simply someone looking for entertainment at your fingertips, Glance has you covered. Join the millions of users already enjoying the Glance experience and make your lock screen come alive today!


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