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ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology) Presents: THE ADAS SHOW 2023 supported by: The Ministry of Heavy Industries

New Delhi. : ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology), a leader in automotive technology and research, is proud to announce THE ADAS SHOW 2023, an event that promises to be a milestone in the automotive industry. This event will take place on the 7th of December 2023 at the ICAT Track in Manesar, Gurugram, India.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have rapidly become a focal point in the automotive world, revolutionizing safety, convenience, and the overall driving experience. THE ADAS SHOW 2023 will bring together experts, enthusiasts, and industry professionals to explore the latest advancements and innovations in ADAS technology.

Key Highlights of THE ADAS SHOW 2023:

  1. Cutting-Edge Exhibitions: The event will feature an extensive exhibition of state-of-the-art ADAS technologies, showcasing the latest developments from leading companies in the field.
  2. Expert Speaker Sessions: Attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights from renowned industry experts through a series of informative sessions and panel discussions.
  3. Live Demonstrations: Experience the capabilities of ADAS systems firsthand with live demonstrations, highlighting their impact on road safety and user experience.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow professionals and build meaningful relationships in the ADAS industry during dedicated networking sessions.
    Mr. Saurabh Dalela, Director of ICAT, expressed his excitement about THE ADAS SHOW 2023: “We are proud to host this event, which brings together the brightest minds in the automotive industry to share knowledge, demonstrate innovations, and discuss the future of ADAS technology. With the rapidly evolving landscape of automotive technology, THE ADAS SHOW 2023 promises to be an event like no other.”

Dr. Hanif Qureshi, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Heavy Industries said “We are committed to fostering an ecosystem that supports innovation, industry growth, and public welfare. The Ministry of Heavy Industries welcomes the opportunity to contribute our perspectives to the discourse at The ADAS Show 2023. We look forward to engaging with thought leaders, industry experts, and fellow enthusiasts to collectively drive the momentum of ADAS technologies in the automotive landscape.”

For more information about THE ADAS SHOW 2023, including registration details and sponsorship opportunities, please visit Only online registration is encouraged, as this event is expected to draw a large crowd of automotive enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders.