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IISF 2023 Outreach Programme of CSIR-NIScPR

New Delhi :- 

Students thoroughly enjoyed and learned through fun activities with science

CSIR-National Institute of Science Communication and Policy Research (CSIR-NIScPR) organized the outreach event for India International Science Festival (IISF), in New Delhi today. So far eight editions of India International Science Festival have been successfully celebrated since 2015. This year the ninth edition will be celebrated from 17-20 January 2024 at DBT RCB-THSTI campus, Faridabad, Haryana. Several scientific institutions across the nation have organised the outreach programmes and more are scheduled this month.

Teachers and students participating in IISF 2023 Outreach program at CSIR-NIScPR, Delhi

The mega science festival aims to honour and highlight the scientific achievements in Science, Technology and Innovation by the country. The primary objective is to connect science with the society.

The distinguished guests at today’s outreach event were Dr Raj Mehrotra, Curator ‘F,’ National Science Centre; Dr Tripta Thakur, Director General, National Power Training Institute and Shri Praveen Ramdas, Secretary, Vijnana Bharati, Vibha India.

While addressing the event, Dr C.V. Singh, Jigyasa programme explained about the India International Science Festival to the students. He also explained about the Jigyasa programme and Jigyasa Division that is present at all the CSIR labs to provide the right guidance to students so that they can joyfully choose science as a profession in future.

Dr Raj Mehrotra, the Chief Guest of the outreach event, welcomed all and said that “do something that your classroom does not allow you,” besides emphasising not to ignore classroom. He spoke about the application of rational thinking and then believe in things.  He said “this century belongs to information, the more information you have, the more aware you are.” “Be as informed as you can be.” He also shed light on National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) and highlighted “to be scientifically tempered is important” and “channelising the Yuva Shakti, the youth of the nation, in Amritkaal.” Finally, he moved to his experiment of viewing air through a fun activity for school students and other audience. Wireless Electricity was the experiment of the day!

Shri Rakesh Tripathi, National Science Centre showing science tricks to students

In the welcome address of the second session of the IISF 2023 outreach programme, Dr Ranjana Aggarwal, Director, CSIR-NIScPR talked about the IISF and its relation with science, saying that life is incomplete without science. She added that the event is organised in the form of festival so that everyone in the society even if he or she is a farmer, or an artisan, a scientist or an entrepreneur, connects with science in a joyful manner. The festival acts as a bridge (linkage) between science and society. She invited everyone to come, join and experience the marvels of science at the mega science festival.

Shri Praveen Ramdas, Secretary, Vijnana Bharati, Dr Raj Mehrotra, National Science Centre and Dr Tripta Thakur, Director General, National Power Training Institute (NPTI) at IISF 2023 Outreach program at CSIR-NIScPR, Delhi.

Shri Praveen Ramdas, Secretary, Vijnana Bharati spoke about the message IISF conveys. He said that IISF is a festival to popularise science among all the segments of the society in the form of various ways through planned events.

Dr Tripta Thakur, Director General, National Power Training Institute (NPTI) addressed the audience by talking about the traditional science and how India can become a Vishwa Guru through traditional science and not leaving Bharatiya spirit. In addition, she spoke about the importance of Science in Amritkaal.

Shri Kuldeep Dhatwalia, Sr. Consultant, Science Media Communication Cell (SMCC) briefed the audience about the Media Conclave programme to be held for two days at IISF.

Dr Parmanand from CSIR NIScPR briefed the audience about Vigyanika event at IISF. Vigyanika is being jointly coordinated by National Innovation Foundation (NIF) India, an autonomous institute of DST and CSIR NIScPR.

The informative outreach event ended with a vote of thanks by Dr Manish Mohan Gore, Scientist, CSIR NIScPR.