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India International Science Festival (IISF) Shines Bright on its 3rd Day

New Delhi :- 

ISRO Chief Shri S. Somanath’s inspirational speech went viral on social media platforms

India International Science Festival on its 3rd day witnessed interesting events including many programs, panel discussions, workshops and water bottle rocket launching activity.  The day three of the India International Science Festival (IISF) 2023, held at DBT THSTI – RCB Campus, Faridabad (Haryana) witnessed a continued enthusiasm and participation from students, young researchers, scientists, and the general public. The mega science  festival, inaugurated on January 17th, 2023 has consistently garnered overwhelming response, fostering a platform for scientific exchange and learning. On 18th January 2024 Shri S. Somanath, Chairman ISRO addressed the school students in the Student Innovation Festival – Space Hackathon 2023. Shri Somanath motivated students to build satellites for scientific explorations and inspired them to become scientists when they grow up. His address has created a large impression across social media. His videos have crossed 40,000+ impressions and views on social media platforms. Brief detail of various activities organised on 19 january 2024 is given here.

Water Bottle Rocket Launch Activity at IISF 2023

Student Science Village (SSV)
On Day-3, the Student Science Village event caters to active engagement between students and esteemed scientists like Professor Narinder Mehra, Vice President of the Indian National Science Academy (INSA). Prof. Mehra shed light on organ transplantation, providing valuable insights into life-saving medical procedures. The day also featured activities like Foldscope making, hands-on experiments in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, Inspire Manak Expo, and Mega Science Expo, creating a dynamic learning environment for students.

Setup of science experiment at Student Science Village (SSV)

Face to Face with New Frontiers of Science

Around 2000 students from Palwal district of Haryana, attended the Face to Face with New Frontier of Science and Technology event. Dr. D K Singh from ISRO discussed “Stellar Odyssey: Human Presence in Space,” while Prof. Nagata Kyosuke, President of Tsukuba University, shared advancements in pharma through virology and molecular biology.

Vigyanika : Science Literature Festival

Vigyanika event featured a panel discussion on Creative Science Communication through Films, Podcasts, & Social media, with prominent speakers discussing the intersection of creativity and scientific accuracy. A drawing and quiz competition, engaging 105 students and 12 teachers from 4 different schools, added a hands-on dimension to the learning experience


A panel discussion at Vigyanika event

Startup Technologies and Innovation B To B Meet

Day 3 of the Startup, Technology, and Innovation B2B Meet organised talks by renowned entrepreneurs, workshops on startup success, and strategies for pitching and raising funds. The event emphasized the essential elements in achieving startup success.

Experts addressing the audience during workshop in Startup Technologies and Innovation B To B Meet

Women Scientists and Entrepreneurs Conclave

The Women Scientists and Entrepreneurs Conclave featured insightful sessions on breaking barriers in STEM, modern lifestyles rooted in ancient wisdom, and career opportunities and networking. The event concluded with a valedictory session focused on the importance of constructive involvement of men in sharing burdens and caregiving.

Science Through Games & Toys

The Games and Toys event offered a diverse range of sessions, including innovative teaching methods, workshops on effective teaching using mathematics and science-based sports toys, and activities like “Fun with Flying Things” based on aerodynamics. The day concluded with a STEAM show and a workshop on making science subjects interesting through SCIToon.

Education for Aspiring India : National Science Teachers Workshop

The National Science Teachers Workshop continued with teachers experimenting with science and developing innovative teaching strategies. Topics covered included Prism Dispersion, Electrolysis, Enzyme activity demonstration, and the role of Carbon dioxide in Photosynthesis.

Shri Arvind Ranade, Chief Coordinator addressing the teachers during the workshop
Science & Technology Media and Communicators Conclave

The second day of the S&T Media and Communicators Conclave began with a panel discussion on “Enhancing S&T Representation in Media,” chaired by Prof. K.G Suresh. Dignitaries were honored by Prof. Ranjana Aggarwal, setting a ceremonial tone. The discussion, featuring insights from Archita Bhatta, Dr. Pallav Bagla, Shri Vijay Joshi, and Shri Raj Chengappa, highlighted the importance of simplicity in science communication. The event also included a panel on “Science through Cinema,” exploring the intersection of science and film, emphasizing the creative role of AI in filmmaking. The event affirmed its role as a vital platform for cross-disciplinary dialogue. The event concluded with a valedictory session.

Glimpse of S&T Media and Communicators Conclave

Student Innovation Festival – Space Hackathon 2023

On Day 3, the Space Hackathon featured talks on India’s upcoming space launches, the government-funded space ecosystem, and the role of innovation in bringing positive changes to the community.

Young Scientist Conference

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, President, Indian National Science Academy addressed young researchers, introducing the concept of “Vigyan Karmayogi” and various fellowships to support and recognize young scientists. The conference delved into the realm of scientific journals and publications, encouraging young researchers to publish in Indian scientific journals.

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, President, INSA addressing the young young researchers
The 3rd day of the India International Science Festival showcased a rich tapestry of events, blending science, technology, innovation, and collaboration. The overwhelming response and active participation reaffirm the festival’s role as a catalyst for scientific curiosity and exploration. As the festival progresses, it continues to inspire and ignite the spirit of inquiry and discovery, creating a lasting impact on the scientific landscape. The science festival is like a unique experiment of science and public engagement in festive spirit.

Magnificent cultural event during IISF 2023

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