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iNutrimon Breaks New Ground in Nutrition Delivery Process

New Delhi. : The web-based App iNutrimon that ensures physicians and clinical nutritionists to deliver optimum nutrition to patients recovering in healthcare set-ups has been endorsed by Indian Society for Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition (ISPEN).

“ISPEN endorsement is a testament to the efficacy of iNutrimon in making a significant difference in the process and conduct of clinical nutrition in OPD, IPD and ICU patients. This is an important milestone in our journey towards transforming the way we manage clinical nutrition,” said DocMode Founder & CEO Hans Lewis.

Nutrition delivery to patients, interestingly, has been a huge challenge, however, DocMode, a pioneering health-tech firm in collaboration with Dr. Sanjith Saeedharan, Head ICU Department, SL Raheja Hospital launched iNutrimon in 2020, which facilitates effective decision making in nutrition management of patients.

iNutriMon, Dr. B. Ravinder Reddy, ISPEN President, said it is a one-stop solution for screening, assessing, planning, monitoring and managing nutritional therapy of patients. “The App helps HCPs and is highly focused on accurate nutrition to patients and fulfils JCI/NABH certification requirements of documenting nutritional therapy,”Dr. Reddy added.

Dr. Radha Reddy Chada, Chief Clinical Dietician and HOD, AIG Hospitals, Hyderabad said, “Prior to the introduction of iNutrimon, drawing up dietary and feeding plans for patients was a time-consuming task that required continual monitoring. Through iNutrimon, we can efficiently manage customised multiple meal plans, one-time recipes, and enteral feeding schedules. In addition to giving information on nutrient delivery, the app also aids in enhancing F&B Delivery management by decreasing food wastage.”

Datta Patel, Dietician, Head, Department of Nutrition & DieteticsDY Patil Hospital said, “INutrimon very effectively reduces the timings for assessment and prescription using various validated tools. Traditional Manual methods usually take 30-40 minutes. With iNutrimon assessment, planning and prescription takes 5-8 minutes only.”

Prescription conveniences such as disease specific planning formulas are readily available and easy to calculate without any manual errors. “Monitoring and adjusting feeds avoids nutritional gaps. Quick Access to data and collating data for research is an added feature,” opined Patel.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ashok Sinha, Neurosurgeon, CNS Hospital is immensely impressed that the App meets NABH documentation as per nutrition mandate and ISO 27001 and HIPPA compliance. “It also offers different nutrition screening and assessment tools like NRS 2002, Nutric Score, SGA and GLIM,” he said.

According to Dr. Sanjith Saseedharan,“The app offers multiple options for nutrition planning including scientific powder-based formula feeding, parenteral nutrition and kitchen feeds. This app would guide in decision making when encountered with various conditions, diseases and stressful medical and surgical conditions by helping in the calculation of macro and micronutrients.”

“It is important to note that inorder to make accurate calculation of the caloric and protein needs this would take not only extensive calculations and understanding but also would require a combination of formula feeds and this can be done efficiently and quickly only with the help of artificial intelligence which is on offer with this app,”Dr. Saseedharan further added.

iNutrimon adheres to the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) and European Society for Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism (ESPEN) guidelines in calculating nutrition requirements in critically ill patients. This app has witnessed rapid subscription among large and medium-sized hospitals.

“Moving forward, we hope hospitals across India would make use of this App since it is highly effective beneficial in dealing with people who require optimum nutrition support to deal with their condition and illness,” said Paulson Paul, DocMode Founder & COO.

“Besides, with ASPEN ESPEN guidelines, iNutrimon as a research tool will also aid the association in devising their much-awaited ISPEN nutritional guidelines for the Indian subcontinent region,”Paul added.