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Jobaskit Wins Accolades for its Smart Recruitment Solutions Involving Human and Artificial Intelligence

  • The patent-pending Collaborative Intelligence (CI)-based screening and filtering solution enhances the possibility of identifying recruitable talent, far better than the traditional online job portals that rely only on automation

New Delhi:, a tech startup offering smart recruitment solutions, is winning accolades for its disruptive Software as a Service solution that uses Collaborative Intelligence (CI), involving a combination of both human and artificial intelligence, to help organisations find recruitable candidates. The patent-pending CI-based screening and filtering solution creates databases with a 10x higher composition of recruitable talent, compared to that of traditional online job portals which rely only on automation.

The startup has won an award at the Internet 2.0 Conference (, an international tech forum held at Dubai in March this year, under the category of Innovative Product. During the same month, Jobaskit has been recognized with the Business Leadership Award under the Promising Startup category from the Indian Achievers Forum (, and Excellence in Recruitment award from Enantra, south India’s biggest entrepreneurship festival, an initiative of Anna University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship Development.

Talking about this first-of-its-kind solution, Mr.Ashokk Remi John, Founder and CEO, Jobaskit, said, “There has been a higher rate of adoption of Artificial Intelligence in recruitment processes across the world. However, AI has its own limitations. It works based primarily on keywords. People can easily game the system and come across as eligible candidates for jobs posted online. However, CI is all about using both AI and human intelligence to identify right candidates. At Jobaskit, we go not only by the information supplied by the candidates but also process the endorsements and opinions of their past employers and teachers. This two-layer mechanism helps us provide organisations with a high-quality recruitable pool. Our services also eliminate the scope for job scams as the jobs are published by the companies are visible on their corporate websites through Jobaskit smart career page.”

According to him, the other important differentiator of Jobaskit is that it lets candidates apply for jobs directly from the official website of hiring organisations and recruitment agencies, though they could do so from the Jobaskit portal. The company takes the responsibility of maintaining the career section of the official website of organisations with updated information, and of responding to applicants. The job applications, irrespective of their source, are processed using CI at the Jobaskit tech platform in the backend.

Jobaskit’s is a recruiter-friendly platform, unlike that of traditional online portals that focuses more on employees. The company also does not sell the database of job seekers to employees. It collects an annual subscription fee, after the completion of a limited trial period. Its core services of offering fool-proof filtering solutions targets organisations of all sizes.

Jobaskit publishes jobs on its portal; powers career pages of corporate websites; connects hirers with academic campuses; conducts aptitude assessments online, and provides unlimited access to databases all at highly flexible and competitive rates.

The company does not charge candidates for listing their resumes or processing their applications. It enables job seekers to get employer recommendations; know the strength of companies before applying; understand the profile match with the culture of organisations, and stand out in the job market by presenting the recommendations of past employers and teachers. They can also restrict the companies to invite for jobs.

The company is planning to come up with exclusive solutions for students campus placements.