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Motion Education unveils its new AI-driven platform to offer personalized education for competitive exams

With the launch, the company has entirely rebuilt its learning app to revolutionize the education space and tailor to the needs of each student.

January 2024: Motion Education, a leading institute for NEET and JEE preparation, has rolled out its new artificial intelligence-driven platform called NV.AI to provide personalized education to students preparing for competitive exams. 

The company has done a 360-degree evolution in its application process, aimed at offering learning in such a way that will empower students, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored learning experience for students. It is for the first time that such an advanced feature has been introduced in the country. 

The feature NV.AI will play a crucial role in establishing profound engagement with the students. Named after the company’s founder, NitinViijay, the feature acts as a continuous study companion with the simulation of a real person delivering lectures and clearing the doubts of the students. 

Through the app, the institute undertakes ingenious routes to bridge the concentration gap faced by students in the absence of a classroom environment. The app has been designed with the purpose of revolutionizing the entire education sector, where the NV.AI feature will form a support system answering end-to-end questions for each student. The company is giving a lot of impetus to personalization education, and recently, introduced the CPS machine across its centers to help students strategize their studies for the exams. So far, the company has invested more than Rs. 50 crore to elevate the learning process and plans to invest another Rs. 100 crore in the current financial year.

The company has already tested the beta version of the AI platform and is well supported with a strong algorithm that can be easily navigated, even by parents empowering them to stay abreast of the progress of their child.

Speaking on the occasion, NitinViijay, the Founder & CEO of MotionEducation said, “Technology has become an important part of the education sector, and it’s highly important to invest in AI driven platforms to ensure that students attain the utmost benefits. The re-development of the learning app is a significant step in raising the personalization bar for the students. Understanding the constraints faced by many students who are unable to attend offline classes, the app with enhanced features will be a necessary support to the aspiring students who otherwise are unable to achieve their dreams due to resource limitations.”  

The app launch was also accompanied by rebranding of Motion Education with the revamping of the logo for the first time ever since its inception.