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NCRTC Receives Highest, Platinum Rating of IGBC Project Award, for Ghaziabad Receiving Substation (RSS) and Sahibabad RRTS Station

New Delhi. : The NCRTC has been honoured with the highest rating of the prestigious ‘Project Award for IGBC’, Platinum Rating for the Ghaziabad Receiving Substation (RSS) and Sahibabad RRTS station, of India’s first Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) being implemented between Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut. The IGBC Platinum Rating was given at the Green Building Congress 2023, hosted by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) in Chennai. Platinum certification is the highest recognition from the various categories of awards of IGBC.

This accolade underscores NCRTC’s unwavering commitment to sustainable development, since its inception. The organization has taken a number of eco-friendly initiatives within the RRTS project, striving for environmental conservation. All major establishments, including depots, stations, Receiving Substations (RSS), and residential complexes, have been registered with the IGBC, aligning with NCRTC’s mission to uphold the highest environmental sustainability standards.

From the project’s conceptualization to its implementation, NCRTC has consistently embraced environmentally friendly practices. Beginning at the pre-design stage, the adoption of low-carbon concepts has been integral to every construction phase. Initiatives such as the use of fly ash bricks, effective disposal of construction and demolition waste, creation of airy and comfortable interiors, energy-efficient designs, implementation of rainwater harvesting systems, and extensive utilization of solar energy exemplify NCRTC’s commitment to sustainability. Elaborate landscaping efforts at Sahibabad and Ghaziabad RSS, along with the space beneath the RRTS viaduct, further contribute to a holistic approach that significantly reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint throughout the project’s construction and operational phases.

NCRTC has set a target to meet approximately 70% of its total energy requirement from renewable sources. In line with this goal, the organization has adopted a solar policy, aiming to generate around 11 MW peak in-house solar power on the rooftops of stations, depots, and other buildings. Apart from this, it will optimize the energy mix to increase the share of renewable energy for traction purposes as well.

The prestigious Platinum Rating conferred by the IGBC serves as a testament to NCRTC’s unyielding dedication to sustainable development, marking a milestone in the journey towards forging a greener and more sustainable future that aligns with global environmental conservation goals.

Established in 2001, IGBC, an autonomous non-profit body of CII, actively encourages sustainable practices and offers solutions to minimize environmental impact. Utilizing best international practices, IGBC provides ratings to various categories, including offices, buildings, factories, and mass rapid transit systems, thereby contributing to environmental conservation.

NCRTC remains steadfast in its vision to revolutionize urban transportation in India, emphasizing sustainability and innovation as key pillars of its transformative journey.