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Need for Empowering India’s Construction Industry through Essential Technological Advancements

The construction industry is a major player in Indias economy, ranking third in size and second in employment generation after agriculture. However, it is in urgent need of a technological revolution. Mr. Mayank Kalra, Managing Director of fischer India, as an important subsidiary of a global leader in fixing and construction solutions, emphasizes the importance of technological innovations in transforming Indias construction industry.

fischer Digital Solutions

Labour-intensive and inefficient practices have long plagued the Indian construction industry. To compete globally and meet the growing demand for construction, integrating technological innovations is crucial. Mr. Kalra highlights the numerous benefits that arise from incorporating technology into construction processes.

Improved efficiency is a key advantage of adopting technological innovations. Building Information Modelling (BIM), for example, minimizes time and material wastage, streamlining the construction process. Robotics automation enhances productivity by automating manual tasks.

Safety is paramount in construction, and technological innovations play a vital role in enhancing safety standards. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) can be used for worker training and identifying potential hazards, reducing accidents and improving overall safety. These innovations also contribute to cost reduction by minimizing rework and ensuring smooth workflows.

However, the adoption of technological innovations in the construction industry faces challenges. The high implementation costs pose a significant hurdle, particularly for small and medium-sized construction companies. Additionally, the lack of skilled workers trained in utilizing these technologies is a challenge that needs to be addressed. Overcoming resistance to change within the industry is another obstacle to overcome.

fischer, a renowned pioneer in the construction industry, is actively revolutionizing the global construction sector by addressing challenges and enhancing efficiency, productivity, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Their range of digital solutions optimizes building planning, construction, and operation.

Ground-breaking innovation by fischer is the BauBot robot, an automated construction site assistant that creates precise drill holes and installs fischer fixing solutions. When combined with a digital building model, the BauBot transforms construction processes, increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and saving valuable time.

Construction Monitoring is another world-first by fischer, combining intelligent, connected fixing technology with cloud-based monitoring. By integrating sensor-integrated products like the SensorAnchor and SensorDisc, construction professionals can monitor prestressing forces in fastenings, ensuring the longevity, sustainability, and safety of structures.

fischers BIM solutions merge digital and real elements, enabling customers to create digital twins of their projects and leverage tailored BIM engineering services along the full value chain. The company also provides digital tools like the FiXperience software and the fischer PRO app, facilitating precise product selection, efficient planning and design, and seamless project management.

With fischers comprehensive services, Indias construction industry can embrace technological advancements and evolve into a modern, efficient, and cost-effective sector.

Mr. Mayank Kalra, Managing Director of fischer India, emphasizes their commitment of revolutionizing Indias construction industry through technological innovations. Embracing these innovations paves the way for a brighter future, with improved efficiency, enhanced safety, and overall contribution to the nations growth.