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Over 65 Lakh Paisabazaar Consumers with Delinquencies Clear Outstanding Debt

New Delhi. : Paisabazaar, India’s largest digital marketplace for consumer credit, announced today that its credit awareness initiative has helped a large share of its consumer base to clear their outstanding debt. According to Paisabazaar, over 65 lakh consumers, who checked their free credit score from its platform and had DPD (Days Past Due) in their report, have cleared their outstanding debt in the last 4 years.

DPD usually has an adverse impact on credit score, making it a big challenge for consumers to access credit. Paisabazaar says a major reason behind these delinquencies was the lack of consumer awareness around it.

Paisabazaar enables consumers to track their credit score actively which has led to an increased number of consumers become more aware of their outstanding debt, and the detrimental impact it has on their credit score and overall financial life. Conversations with consumers revealed that many were unaware of outstanding dues in their accounts. In some cases, DPDs were also a result of inadvertent errors in their credit report.

Naveen Kukreja, CEO & Co-founder, Paisabazaar, said, “While providing consumers their free credit score for life was the first step, we were aware that we had to also help them improve their credit health. Over the last few years, we have brought in several innovations, that not only make consumers more aware, but also enable them to take the right steps to build their creditworthiness. Our aim is to work with partner Banks and NBFCs, credit bureaus along with our consumers, to build a more inclusive ecosystem.”

Over 2.6 crore consumers have taken their free credit score from Paisabazaar over the last 5+ years. 49.6 lakh of these consumers have improved their score significantly in 12 months, while more than 52 lakh have seen their score rise over a 18-month period.

To help consumers with damaged credit, Paisabazaar has built a ‘Credit Improvement Program‘. Under this, Paisabazaar has been offering credit advisory services for the last 4 years, where credit experts analyse a consumer’s credit report in detail and offers personalised advice and recommendations to improve score. A more detailed and personalized credit report called Credit Health Report is also offered on the Paisabazaar platform for a nominal fee. Paisabazaar also works with partner Banks to help consumers clear their outstanding dues.

For consumers with low score or those who are new to credit, Paisabazaar last year also launched a credit builder product – a credit card called Step UP – helping them improve and build their credit score, while earning high returns on their Fixed Deposit.

To help deepen awareness, Paisabazaar also provides consumers their free credit report in regional languages. A consumer can download his credit report from Paisabazaar in English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada and Telugu, for free every month.

Paisabazaar has partnerships with all 4 credit bureaus, enabling consumers to compare scores from multiple bureaus with a click of a button.