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“Sports teach us that there is no limit to excellence, and we must strive with all our might”: PM

  •  PM addresses Pali Saansad Khel Mahakumbh

    “In sports, there is never a defeat; you either win or you learn”

    “The government’s spirit for sports resonates with the spirit of the players on the field”

  • “Rajasthan’s brave youth have consistently brought glory to the nation”
  • “Double-engine government’s aim is to empower and bring ease of living to people of Rajasthan” New Delhi : The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the Pali Saansad Khel Mahakumbh via a video message today. Congratulating all the participants for showcasing their remarkable sporting talents, the Prime Minister said, “In sports, there is never a defeat; you either win or you learn. Therefore, I extend my best wishes not only to all the players but also to their coaches and family members present there.”

Speaking at the event, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the significance of sports in the development of youth and the nation. He stated, “The enthusiasm and confidence seen in the Saansad Khel Mahakumbh has become the identity of every player and every youth today. The government’s spirit for sports resonates with the spirit of the players on the field.” Highlighting the continuous efforts of the present government in organizing such sporting events, the Prime Minister said that Saansad Khel Mahakumbh is providing a platform for millions of talented athletes across districts and states. He said that it has also become a medium to scout and harness new and upcoming talent. PM Modi also mentioned the organization of a competition especially dedicated to women.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Modi commended the participation of over 2 lakh athletes, including more than 1100 school children from Pali, in the Saansad Khel Mahakumbh. He acknowledged the exceptional exposure and opportunity provided to these athletes through the event. Prime Minister Modi congratulated the Member of Parliament from Pali, Shri P.P. Choudhary, for his outstanding efforts.

Emphasizing the crucial role of sports in shaping the youth of Rajasthan and the nation at large, PM Modi said, “Rajasthan’s brave youth have consistently brought glory to the nation, from their service in the armed forces to their achievements in sports. I am confident that you, the athletes, will continue to carry forward this legacy.”

Highlighting the transformative power of sports, the Prime Minister remarked, “The beauty of sports lies not only in cultivating a habit of winning but also in imparting the continuous pursuit of self-improvement. Sports teach us that there is no limit to excellence, and we must strive with all our might.”

Prime Minister Modi stressed, “One of the greatest strengths of sports is its ability to steer youth away from various vices. Sports instill resilience, foster concentration, and keep us focused. Therefore, sports play a significant role in personal development.”

Underlining the government’s commitment to youth welfare, Prime Minister Modi stated, “The present government, whether at the state or central level, prioritizes the interests of the youth. By providing more opportunities to athletes, ensuring transparency in selection processes, and allocating resources, the government has greatly supported Indian athletes.”

Prime Minister Modi highlighted the threefold increase in the sports budget over the past decade, the provision of financial assistance to hundreds of athletes under various schemes including TOPS, and the establishment of numerous sports centers across the country. Under the Khelo India games, the Prime Minister informed that more than 3,000 athletes are being assisted with Rs 50,000 per month. On the grassroots level, lakhs of athletes are getting trained in almost 1,000 Khelo India centers. He also commended Indian athletes for their exceptional performance at the recent Asian Games, setting a new record with over 100 medals.

He underlined the youth focus of the Union Budget that was placed on February 1 in the Parliament. “Investment of 11 lakh crore rupees on modern infrastructure such as roads and railways will benefit the youth the most. Our youth are the biggest beneficiaries of initiatives like the announcement of 40,000 Vande Bharat type bogies and the development of modern infrastructure,” Prime Minister Modi emphasized.

The Prime Minister reaffirmed the government’s focus on youth empowerment through initiatives aimed at creating employment opportunities, fostering entrepreneurship, and promoting skill development across various sectors, including sports. He mentioned a Rs 1 lakh crore fund for tax relief for the startups.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Modi underscored the significant developmental projects undertaken in Pali, including the construction of roads worth approximately Rs 13,000 crores, the development of railway stations, bridges, and the establishment of educational and IT centers including 2 Kendriya Vidyalaya, Passport Centre and medical college. “These initiatives aim to enhance the quality of life for the people of Pali and contribute to their overall well-being”, he added.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated the government’s commitment to empowering every citizen of Rajasthan and India, particularly the youth, through comprehensive developmental initiatives. He emphasized the role of sports in fostering a spirit of determination and resilience among the youth, ultimately contributing to the nation’s progress and prosperity.