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Predict your Investment Returns with the Bajaj Finance FD Calculator and Get FD Rates up to 7.05 Percent p.a.

New Delhi: With global forces continuously interfering with local indexes, returns on investment with market-linked instruments might be elusive. With a fixed-income instrument like the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit, investors can invest online in FD and precisely forecast their earnings. Bajaj Finance even has an online FD calculator to help investors plan for their future aspirations.

Using an FD calculator is an elegant way to calculate your maturity amount and compare different interest rates. It is a quick and easy method to compare the maturity amount you can get after your FD matures.

Advantages of Using Bajaj Finance FD Calculator.

There are several advantages to using an FD calculator, such as:

  • Gives accurate calculations of maturity amount that helps you in deciding the best tenor to choose for your deposit.
  • You can input different interest rates and compare them to choose the best option for your deposit.
  • Helps make an intelligent investment choice.
  • Removes human error from calculations.
  • Calculate maturity amounts much faster than using a digital calculator or spreadsheet.
  • Make better choices regarding renewals of fixed deposits by comparing the maturity amounts.

How to Use FD Calculator to Calculate Maturity Amount

Using an FD calculator is very simple, and the user interface of the Bajaj Finance FD calculator available online is pretty good. All you have to do is follow the steps given below, and you will be able to calculate your maturity amount very quickly.

1. Select type of investor

The FD interest rates applicable for non-senior and senior citizens are different. Choosing the investor type will determine the applicable rates. Senior citizens get additional rate benefits of up to 0.25% p.a. on their deposits.

2. Choose the deposit amount

Enter the investment amount or use the dragger to choose the amount you want to invest in a fixed deposit. The minimum amount that one can invest is Rs. 25,000.

3. Select a suitable tenor based on your goal and liquidity requirements

One can choose a tenor ranging from 12 to 60 months. The FD interest rate for each tenor varies based on the amount being invested.

4. Choose the payout mode

Based on your requirement, you can either choose the cumulative FD plan, where the total invested amount and the interest will be credited to your account at maturity. You can also opt for a non-cumulative FD plan by choosing the payment frequency, i.e. monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

5. Check results

The FD calculator will display the interest rate, interest payout, date of maturity, and maturity amount based on the above data.

Investors can choose from a term of 12 to 60 months with Bajaj Finance. By entering the desired value in the “tenor” field or using the slider, investors may easily see their returns over different tenors. If you want to get the best FD rate, choose a tenor of 36 months or more.

The table below showcases Bajaj Finance FDs interest earnings for citizens below 60 years using an FD calculator for different tenors.

Investment amount Tenor Interest rate Interest earnings Total earnings
Rs. 3 lakh 12 months 5.65% p.a. Rs. 16,950 Rs. 3,16,950
Rs. 3 lakh 24 months 6.40% p.a. Rs. 39,629 Rs. 3,39,629
Rs. 3 lakh 60 months 6.80% p.a. Rs. 1,16,848 Rs. 4,16,848

For senior citizens, Bajaj offers an additional interest rate of up to 0.25% over and above the base rate of deposits.

Take a look at the table below to know how senior citizens stand to earn higher interest over similar tenors.

Investment amount Tenor Interest rate Interest earned Total earnings
Rs. 3 lakh 12 months 5.90% p.a. Rs. 17,700 Rs. 3,17,700
Rs. 3 lakh 24 months 6.65% p.a. Rs. 41,227 Rs. 3,41,227
Rs. 3 lakh 60 months 7.05% p.a. Rs. 1,21,750 Rs. 4,21,750

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit has an FAAA rating from CRISIL and an MAAA rating from ICRA. These are the highest in their categories, indicating a risk-free investment experience. You can rest assured that late interest and principle payments are not a concern as the payouts are made according to the chosen tenor and payout frequency.

The Bajaj Finance FD is a popular choice for investors wishing to add stability to their portfolios because of these remarkable features. All product information is available on the Experia customer portal. Furthermore, investors can visit one of Bajaj Finances 1,000+ locations nationwide or invest online to start earning at a competitive FD rate right away!