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Quantian Technologies Launches Optick: An AI Platform Transforming Field Operations Management

Punes pioneering AI-based Computer Vision (CV) company, Quantian Technologies, is thrilled to introduce its flagship product for efficient field operations management – Optick. This cutting-edge product has emerged as the result of extensive field trials, engaging over 10,000 simultaneous users across 15 major cities. Optick is poised to transform the way companies handle field operations in various industries, including Financial Services, Retail, Supply Chain, Construction, and Facility Management.

Field staff checking into Optick app using face recognition and geo location technology

Addressing Key Challenges

Optick steps in to resolve critical issues plaguing companies with field teams – lost revenue, inadequate field sales calls, inaccurate travel expense tracking, lack of real-time customer feedback, and limited field data analytics. Optick seamlessly tackles these challenges, offering a comprehensive solution. During trials, the Optick team saw increases in efficiency anywhere between 10% – 20% (time and cost savings).

Boosting Field Team Efficiency

Optick leverages state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to identify and track field employees presence at designated work sites. This powerful tool takes the form of a mobile application, accessible to every field staff member. The app simplifies the process of marking in and out times, mapping routes, tracking distances travelled, and even managing exceptional scenarios like perimeter breaches through GPS-based virtual fencing.

One standout feature appreciated by field sales teams supervisors is the ability for field staff to enrich their daily visit itinerary with voice notes and multimedia content relevant to their meetings. Simultaneously, supervisors gain access to a tailored operational dashboard, providing them with valuable insights into the behaviour and activities of their field staff as well as inputs from customers.

Outshining the Competition

What sets Optick apart is its unique set of features, including internet free operation, intelligent shift management, customizable supervisory controls, and a comprehensive suite of custom reports. It is also independent of hardware and works on any Android or iOS device. Thanks to its unique product architecture, Optick is priced very competitively vis a vis its industry peers. Its no wonder that customers have chosen to replace their existing solutions with Optick in the months leading up to its official launch.

Speaking on the occasion of launch, Mr. Chetan Almelkar, Founder and Director of Quantian Technologies, said “With Optick 1.0, we are delivering a much-needed utility solution to companies struggling to manage their field operations. The product is a direct result of feedback from mid and senior-level executives experienced in field staff management. While we are thrilled to have over 75,000 usersengaged on the platform at launch, were already hard at work on Optick 2.0, which promises to introduce a plethora of new AI enabled features, further solidifying Opticks position as a leader in the field.”

About Quantian Technologies

Quantian Technologies, based in Pune, is an AI (Computer Vision) company incubated by NASSCOM and enjoys the support of ecosystem partners like NVIDIA, India Accelerator, Microsoft and Startup India. It has swiftly risen to prominence with its flagship product, Optick. Harnessing advanced facial recognition technology and AI analytics, Optick enhances RoI from field operations. Designed in early 2023, Optick is already redefining field staff management solutions. The company maintains a growing library of computer vision and AI capabilities, with plans to continuously incorporate them into future Optick versions, addressing industry-specific field staff challenges.

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