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Railway Protection Force has the highest proportion of female personnel -9% compared to other Central Paramilitary Forces in India

  • RPF lady personnel assisted in childbirth to 206 pregnant passengers in 2023
  • The vigilant and active ole of lady personnel of RPF helped in rescuing 3973 girl children in year 2023
  • Women in the RPF are not just symbols of empowerment but also contributing significantly to the safety and well-being of passengers.

New Delhi :- The Railway Protection Force (RPF) is a prime security and Law Enforcement Agency in the field of Railway Security in India. Established in 1957 for better protection and security of Railway property, the Force has evolved to include roles in passenger security and facilitation.

Recognizing women as symbols of love, care, strength, and eternity, the RPF currently boasts the largest share of women personnel (9%) among Central Paramilitary Forces in India. Specially trained to ensure safety and provide assistance to female passengers in distress, they create a secure environment for travelers. To promote women’s empowerment and address the needs of women personnel while performing their duties, the RPF has taken various measures:

  1. Infrastructure Developments – Construction of standardized barracks, Changing Rooms, and other amenities designed for the special needs of women officers deployed for train escort duties.
  2. Nomination of Nodal Officers – Nomination of Female Nodal Officers at all Zones/Units for the redressal of grievances of Female personnel, ensuring their voices are heard and needs addressed.

Key aspects of their role under different Operations –

  1. Addressing concern of Women Security

Meri Saheli initiative – Launched across the Indian Railways network, this initiative aims to provide safety and security to lady passengers traveling alone or with minors on long-distance trains. Presently, on an average, 230 teams are being deployed for this purpose covering more than 400 trains on an average daily across Indian Railways.

These teams have been instrumental in apprehending individuals found inappropriately traveling in ladies’ compartments, ensuring a safer environment for female passengers.

During the year 2023, 77839 males found travelling in compartments reserved for ladies have been apprehended followed with legal course of action.

  1. Operation Matrishakti – RPF personnel, especially women officers, go beyond their call of duty to assist pregnant women who go into labor during their train journeys. In the year 2023 alone, lady personnel of RPF assisted in 206 childbirths.
  2. Operation AAHT (Against Human Trafficking) –  Women and girl child are more vulnerable to Human trafficking. RPF has launched an operation against Human Trafficking. In 2023, 1048 persons were rescued from traffickers, with 257 traffickers.
  3. Operation Nanhe Farishtey –  An intensive drive to rescue children in need of care and protection found in contact with railways has been launched. During the year 2023, 3973 girl children were rescued by RPF.
  4. Operation Dignity – RPF lady personnel also play a crucial role in rescuing adults, including women, in need of care and protection. These individuals may be runaways, abandoned, drug addicts, destitute, or needing medical assistance. In 2023, approximately 3492 such persons were rescued.

Through these operations and initiatives, the RPF not only ensures the security of passengers but also demonstrates the invaluable contributions of women in creating a safer, more inclusive railway environment for all. Women in the RPF are not just symbols of empowerment; they are the embodiment of strength, compassion, and dedication, contributing significantly to the safety and well-being of railway passengers across India.