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Rishihood University and Matsushita Institute of Government and Management Forge Strategic Collaboration

New Delhi :- Rishihood University, India’s pioneering impact university, announced a significant collaboration with the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management (MIGM), Japan. This partnership was formalized during a noteworthy visit by a high-level delegation from MIGM to Rishihooduniversity’sSonepat campus on February 8th, 2024.

The collaborative efforts were marked by extensive discussions, resulting in a shared commitment to initiatives spanning four crucial domains: startup and innovation, policy and governance, Indo-Japan collaboration, and education and human consciousness.

Guiding this vibrant exercise were key figures, Masaaki Hieda, General Manager at MIGM, and Yoko Asada, Global Director at MIGM, along with Rishihood University’s Vice-Chancellor, ShobhitMathur. Their leadership and strategic vision laid the foundation for a partnership aimed at encouraging innovation, bridging policy gaps, and strengthening bilateral ties.

“Indian people have confidence in developing, as the population is high it will have high gross GDP,” quoted Masaaki Hieda, General Manager at MIGM.

Masaaki Hieda, as the General Manager of MIGM, played an important role in steering the collaborative discussions, bringing insights and expertise. Yoko Asada, MIGM’s Global Director, contributed significantly to shaping the strategic direction of the partnership. Their combined efforts with RU’s leadership promise exciting developments in the realms of academia, innovation, and international collaboration.

Rishihood University recognized as India’s first impact university, looks forward to leveraging this collaboration to create a lasting impact on societal progress and global partnerships. The alliance with the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management marks a significant milestone in Rishihood’s commitment to advancing education and creating positive societal change.

Rishihood University is India’s first impact university, dedicated to fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and social impact. With a commitment to overall education, Rishihood University empowers students to become compassionate and capable leaders who drive positive change in the world.