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“Safety Har Baar, Bharosa Baar Baar”, An Awareness-oriented Digital Campaign Launched by Hyundai Mobis on Anti-Counterfeit Day on June 8, 2022

New Delhi: Mobis India, a well-established player in manufacturing high quality automotive parts, accessories and mobility solutions for Hyundai Motors in India has launched a ten-day long all-encompassing Digital campaign – “Safety Har Baar, Bharosa Baar Baar” on Anti-Counterfeit Day on June 8, 2022 to promote the use of genuine parts. This initiative is a clarion call to stop the use of non-genuine products, which pose a huge threat to safety of customers as well as the genuine auto players in the market. The Digital campaign is active from June 1st-10th, 2022.

Anti Counterfeit Day’2022

Mr. Yong Goon Park, Managing Director, Mobis India – AS Parts Division

Speaking on Anti-Counterfeit Day, Mr. Yong Goon Park, Managing Director, Mobis India – AS Parts Division remarked, “With rapid technological advancements in the automobile industry, it is a sad reality that manufacturing and marketing of non-genuine auto products is at an all-time high. Whats more perturbing is that despite strict measures, the situation remains grim leaving all auto companies incurring a huge loss of revenue. Most importantly, it imposes a huge threat on the safety of the passengers. It is even dangerous to gauge the impact of using non-genuine products as these never comply with the stringent criteria of standard genuine manufacturing processes and hampers the brand credibility drastically.”

Detailing the new campaign on Anti-Counterfeit Day, Mr. Park elaborated, “In line with our commitment for the last few years, this year too we have launched a Digital campaign. This has been conceptualized to focus on the need to buy and use ONLY genuine parts. To qualify superior quality, Mobis invests heavily in its plant and takes stringent measures to ensure safety, durability and reliability so that we are completely in line with our global and Indian quality standards to deliver hi-quality parts.”

Detailing further he added, “In this Digital campaign, we are posting interactive static and video content on all our social media handles, For Dealers and Distributor, we have curated digital posters for display areas to highlight the key information of the campaign.

Our campaign has been very successful in addressing this menace, which ensures and encourages that customers prefer only genuine parts over non-genuine. To this end, we have designed our MRP label with a five-step security feature, which includes a Hologram and a logo. These are both interlinked and seamless; thereby flipping them either way reflects the Hyundai logo, which is an inbuilt check and stamp of our authenticity, safety and security. We are also training our Sales staff who can further educate customers to buy only genuine parts with necessary security checks. For brand protection activities we are conducting aftermarket Raids, taking legal action against offenders, to prevent non-genuine products in the after-sales market.”

“We have optimally utilized all our digital platforms to create awareness and visibility on the need to use genuine parts, which is a sure way to make this campaign topical and effective. Enjoying a huge presence of over 500+ Dealerships, 40+ Distributorship and over 3000+ Retailer outlets across India, where we deliver high quality and assured genuineness,”Mr. Park concluded.

About Mobis India

Incepted in 1977, Hyundai Mobis has carved a distinct niche for itself as a major automotive parts manufacturer worldwide. Mobis India supplies After-sales Parts and accessories to approx. 50, 00,000 Hyundai cars running on Indian roads. It enjoys a wide network of its own Parts Distribution Centers (PDCs) operating in various Metropolitan cities and Hyundai Authorized Dealers/MOBIS Authorized Distributors spread across India. Operating across the globe, it has over 250 million Hyundai cars running on overseas market roads. Mobis India exports After-sales Parts and accessories through its network of Overseas Distributors.

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