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Scrambler Ducati collaborates with The Bridge School, India to launch one-of-a-kind Industry Connect Programme for design students

●        TBS-Scrambler Ducati Industry Connect Programme will be a 10-week long course that explores novel design possibilities by reinterpreting the iconic Scrambler with sensibilities that pander to an Indian audience.

●        Registrations for the course are now open on

New Delhi, : Luxury motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati today announced that its Scrambler brand has partnered with The Bridge School, India (TBS) for a specially crafted program called TBS-Scrambler Ducati Industry Connect Programme to mentor top design talents of India. The sole objective of the course is to groom youngsters with a flair for automotive design via an intense and immersive hands-on process that boosts their confidence to step into the global design ecosystem. Through this flagship programme hosted by The Bridge School, Ducati intends to reach a wide spectrum of Automotive Design students and enthusiasts.

When the Scrambler brand was launched by Ducati in 2015, it disrupted the existing market segment with its fresh take on the design that laid special emphasis on the aesthetics. Since then, Scrambler Ducati has enjoyed a cult following both for its iconic shape, and instantly recognizable, well defined silhouette.

Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Bipul Chandra, MD, Ducati India said, “Scrambler by Ducati has had a huge impact all over the world. The design has been admired both by enthusiasts and riders alike while its riding character has been described as liberating and evoking emotions. The collaboration with The Bridge School goes on to show the importance of such an iconic design in the world of art and automobiles. I’m thankful to Mr. Claudio De Angeli, Ducati Scrambler Brand Director, for all his support and guidance towards this project and I’m sure he shares our excitement to a part of this association that promotes digital learning for students in India.”

The Scrambler brand has always been close to my heart. It is the epitome of style, character and grace that spells great design, smart function and stunning visual aesthetics. At The Bridge School, we always want our students to learn from and get inspired by the very best in the industry. With the value added by the brand Scrambler and the active collaboration between Ducati’s team of designers and our mentors from well-known design houses Desmania & Ncube, I am certain we will deliver work of the golden standard. Our motto is simple- to create coming-of-age designers by bridging the gap between the Academia and the Industry. I am thrilled to have Scrambler Ducati on-board to promote automotive design in India and provide an international platform for our students”, said Mr. Nikhil Verma, Founder, The Bridge School.

TBS’s Scrambler Ducati Industry Connect Programme will include a brand immersion exercise to be followed up with benchmarking and deep design research. Research is the key to design thinking, and the ability to generate user empathy caps any great design. Setting clear design & business objectives that will translate into creative concepts remains its primary focus and agenda.  All this will be executed by the students under the able guidance of senior mentors from The Bridge School.

The course structure is to embed fresh minds into brand mandatories in line with the user behaviour that further manifests an emotional connect- one of the guiding forces behind the development of the new Scrambler. This course is suitable for those pursuing Automotive and Transportation Design or Master of Design, and also students with a passion for motorcycles and a special love for Scrambler Ducati. The selection of the students will be based on the combination of their intellect, skills and aptitude. A thinking mind, with a flair for whipping up highly desirable designs in high-pressure environments and a penchant for rapid sketching with lateral thinking is all we look for. All of these factors will be judged through student portfolios showcasing best work samples.

At the end of the course, the students will be awarded the coveted certificate from The Bridge School, with a special mention of the Scrambler project. The students will also greatly benefit from the deep insights into the working of the industry through personal interactions with leading designers and senior mentors from TBS.

To enroll and get more information on the fee, structure and the curriculum of the program, please click here.