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Six children’s plays staged in Children Theatre Festival

  • Children Expose Social Evils at Children Theatre Festival
  • The audience was thrilled to see the talent of the children
  • The children thrilled the audience with their acting talent
  • The audience remained seated on their seats even after the performance

New Delhi: The Children Theatre Festival, organized by Udaan – The Center of Theatre Art and Child Development, showcased six compelling plays highlighting social issues. Directed and coordinated by renowned theater artist Sanjay Tuteja, the festival was a testament to the children’s remarkable acting talent, captivating the audience and keeping them enthralled even after the performances concluded.
Held at Muktdhara Auditorium in Gol Market, the festival marked the culmination of Children Theatre Workshops conducted at ten different locations during the summer vacation. The event was inaugurated by West Delhi MP Kamaljeet Sehrawat, conservationist Achal Pandey, and artist-director Pooja Singh.
The festival opened with “School Inspection,” directed by Shivang Mishra. This play critiqued the country’s education system, encouraging the audience to voice their concerns about its flaws. Next, “Dudh Mein Kuch Kala Hai,” directed by National School of Drama graduate Krishna Rajput, exposed the shortcomings of the government and political system. The first phase concluded with “Iccha Marzi Khwaab,” directed by Sagar Vashisht, also a National School of Drama graduate. This play addressed societal pressures and depression, urging the audience to seek happiness in life.
In the second phase, “Raja Aur Jadugar,” directed by Daksh Chopra, delivered a powerful message about overcoming anger. The fifth play, “Billi Rani Badi Sayani,” a comedy directed by Krishna Rajput, had the audience in stitches. The festival concluded with “Laal Pencil,” directed by Sagar Vashisht, which emphasized nurturing children’s innate talents.
Film and TV actor, as well as director, Anshul Tyagi reported on the festival’s success. Organization Vice President Sanjay Gupta and Saksham Pahuja expressed their heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved.
The Children Theatre Festival was a resounding success, providing a platform for young talent to shine and delivering poignant social messages through their performances