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Smarten Records a Sale of 1 Million Sine-wave Inverter Batteries

New Delhi.: Smarten, one of India’s leading power-backup product manufacturers, has today announced that it has successfully sold over 1 million sine-wave inverter batteries since its inception in 2014. After witnessing a steep growth in business, Smarten has emerged as one of the most effective power-backup product providers and has been acknowledged as one of the most reliable brands in India and the global market.

Mr. Rajnish Sharma, CEO & Director, Smarten Power Systems

The company has made a significant shift in the industry by propelling the adoption of its most efficient and advanced products, unlike other conventional technologies like the square wave, which are less reliable, inefficient, and also unsafe. Customers across the globe, especially in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Dubai, are choosing Smarten’s innovative products. Smarten has experienced a substantial surge in demand for its products from more than 25 countries and has been leading the power-backup product market, both domestically and internationally.

A pioneer in solar products, Smarten has filled a major gap in the energy consumption space by developing a highly efficient alternative source of energy. Smarten products help combat rising utility bills while encouraging people to make eco-friendly lifestyle choices.

Commenting on the growth, Mr. Rajnish Sharma, CEO & Director, Smarten Power Systems, says, “We anticipated the demand and were assured that our products would be welcomed in the market because of their reliability and durability, but the overwhelming sales came as a surprise to us. We have seen a significant increase in demand for sine-wave products in recent years, as rising electricity bills have prompted customers to invest more in solar products. We are committed to providing the best products in the market and look forward to a bright future at Smarten. By September 2022, we plan to launch a variety of innovative products, including lithium-ion-based solar PCUs, EV chargers, and high-capacity solar PCUs.”