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Successful Meeting Between Ms. Helena Budliger, State Secretary of SECO, and Sh. Piyush Goyal, Indian Commerce and Industry Minister, Strengthens Trade and Investment Relations

A highly successful meeting took place today between Sh. Piyush Goyal, Commerce Minister of India and Ms. Helena Budliger, State Secretary, Director of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) in New Delhi. This meeting followed the successful conclusion of the G20 Trade Ministers’ meeting held in Jaipur, and it underlines the commitment of both India and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries to fostering stronger trade and investment relations.

During the meeting, Minister Goyal and Ms. Budliger engaged in detailed discussions regarding the trade and investment ties between India and the EFTA countries. The talks encompassed a comprehensive review of the progress made in the ongoing negotiations for a Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement (TEPA) between India and EFTA.

Both leaders reiterated their shared vision of achieving a mutually beneficial trade deal based on the principle of reciprocity that reflects the evolving economic landscapes of both India and the EFTA countries. The discussions emphasized the importance of addressing key issues and concerns to create an agreement that will serve the aspirations of the citizens of both regions. The collaborative effort in TEPA negotiations underscore the significance of the partnership and the dedication of both parties to ensuring the success of these negotiations.

The meeting’s outcomes signal a positive step forward in the India-EFTA trade relations, further strengthening the longstanding friendship and cooperation between the two regions. The commitment to deepening trade and investment ties bodes well for the economic growth and prosperity of both India and the EFTA countries.