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Tata International Expands Operations in Nigeria at Lagos Free Zone

Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa : Tata International is set to expand operations in Nigeria through a strategic partnership with the Lagos Free Zone (LFZ). The agreement was signed in the presence of Anand Sen, Managing Director of Tata International Limited, by Managing Director of Tata Africa Holdings Pty Ltd, Len Brand. This marks a significant milestone in the companys commitment to the region.

MD, Tata International Limited, Anand Sen; MD, Infrastructure and Fintech Business, Tolaram, Navin Nahata; MD, Tata Africa Holdings Property Limited, Len Brand and GM, Strategic Marketing, Lagos Free Zone, Tejaswi Avasarala at the official signing ceremony in Lagos

With a rich legacy spanning over four decades, Tata International is a key contributor to the economic landscape of the African continent. In 2006, Tata International established operations in Nigeria and since then has made a significant contribution in the country, upholding the core values of Tata’s business ethics and commitment to corporate social responsibility.

“As a brand synonymous with quality products and ethical business operations in Africa, Tata International is excited to join the Lagos Free Zone. This strategic move reflects our commitment to fuelling growth in Nigeria and the wider African continent”, says Anand Sen, MD, Tata International.

Promoted by Tolaram, a Singaporean conglomerate with over four decades of experience in Nigeria, LFZ is in Lekki, the sunrise development corridor earmarked by Lagos State Government for driving industrialization over the next two decades. The agreement with LFZ involves the leasing of a state-of-the-art 6000 square meter facility within LFZ, a move aimed at enhancing Tata International’s operational capabilities in the region.

The participation in Lagos Free Zone is the next level of commitment for Tata Internationals longstanding presence in Nigeria and the African continent as a whole. This collaboration with Tolaram underscores our dedication to fostering economic growth and increased competitiveness. We aim for this partnership to lead to greater efficiency, innovation, and specialisation in the region,” added Len Brand, MD of Tata Africa Holdings.

The signing ceremony took place in the Lagos Free Zone area and was attended by key representatives from Tata International, Tolaram and Lagos Free Zone. The event signifies the dawn of a new era in the relationship between the entities, aiming to contribute to economic development in the region and attract new investors to Nigeria, recognised as one of the key economies in the continent.

“Tata International remains steadfast in its vision to build and sustain relationships in Africa. The companys entry into the Lagos Free Zone reaffirms its commitment to creating opportunities and making a positive impact on local communities. We stand by our pledge to strengthen our already robust footprint on the African continent,” concluded Brand.

Navin Nahata, a member of the Tolaram Board and the Managing Director of its infrastructure and fintech business, added: “We are delighted that Tata International, one of our most prestigious international clients, has decided to expand their operations in Nigeria through our ready-to-lease Standard Industrial Facility at the LFZ. We are committed to supporting the next phase of growth in Nigeria for Tata International.