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Tech Plaastic Industrie Launches its Redesigned Website

New Delhi. : Tech Plaastic Industrie, one of Indias leading plastic moulding companies, has announced the launch of its newly redesigned, user-friendly website.

Tech Plaastic Industrie (TPI) has announced the launch of its redesigned website. The new website features a sharp look and showcases the companys well-established history and its array of services. Tech Plaastic Industrie has been in the thermoset moulding business for more than three decades. The organization is also one of the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality plastic components in India. Formerly known as Southern Electroplastics Pvt. Ltd., this injection moulding company enjoys a great reputation across multiple industrial sectors in India.

“The new website design will give us the added advantage of making timely responses to our clients product requirements and queries,” said a spokesperson for TPI. “The website is designed to provide visitors with a comprehensive idea of our companys capabilities in the plastic moulding industry. Our website also displays industry-related information and insightful blogs that will be useful for visitors,” he added.

“Another promising feature in our website is the “Career” section which elaborates on employee development and career growth with TechPlaastic Industrie. Our company always takes extra effort to provide excellent training and promising career opportunities to all deserving candidates,” the spokesperson said. “The website will be a great platform that showcases our teams expertise and experience in the plastic mould manufacturing industry,” he concluded.

TechPlaastic is powered by a highly proficient workforce who are seasoned professionals in offering expert solutions for all their customers moulding requirements, be it an injection, compression or thermoset injection need. The organization is well-known for its high-quality products across many sectors such as automotive, defence, security, domestic applications, and the electrical and energy sectors.