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The first driver-less car in India  at ADAS Show 2023

New Delhi / Gurugram December 7, 2023 :  Kerala-based  start-up RoshAI has showcased driverless cars at the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Show 2023 held in Haryana on Thursday. Dr. Roshi John, a robotics expert, is the founder of the company based in Infopark Kochi. He pioneered the driverless car revolution in India by making modifications to Tata Nano. Dr. Roshi John, who completed a Ph.D. from Thiruchirappally NIT in Robotics, has been engaged in developing robots for hi-tech, consumer electronics, automotive, retail, and banking companies for the past 20 years. RoshAI has also been providing driverless technologies to leading car manufacturers, including German automobile companies. Discussions are going on with many mining companies to employ RoshAI’s driverless vehicle technology.

This year’s ADAS Show was held at the International Centre for Automotive Technology in Gurugram, Haryana. The show aims to provide entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase the latest innovations and growth in the field of advanced driver-assisted systems. The show was organised with the support of the Union Industries Ministry.

RoshAI hsas been co-founded by Mr. Rajaram Murthy and Mr. Latheesh Valanki.