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The Youth 20 (Y20) Summit concludes successfully today in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Y20 Communiqué signed successfully with unanimous consent

Under the overall framework of G20 Presidency, the Y20 India engagement Group meeting concluded successfully in Varanasi today (20th August, 2023).

Y20, as part of  overall framework of G20 under Presidency of India has set new milestones for the world. During the summit, Y20 Communiqué was discussed and negotiated, thereafter, it has been signed successfully with unanimous consent.

The major recommendations included in the Communique are –

    • Empower Lifelong Learning
    • Prepare The Global Workforce For Global Challenges
    • Strengthen International Research Collaboration
    • Promote Universal Gig Worker Rights and
    • Implement Accessible Sustainable Financing and Mentoring.

A plenary session was held on the last day in Rudraksh International Cooperation and Convention Centre (RICCC). Sh. Sharad Vivek Sagar, Sh. Anmol Sovit, Y20 India; Sh. Pathikrit Payne, Coordination Head, Y20 India; Sh. Falit Sijariya, Head of Delegation, Y20 India and Smt. Aditi Narayani Paswan, Track Chair, Y20 India led the session. The Y20 2023 communiqué was released by the troika countries comprising of Chair Y20 India, Indonesia Organising Committee Representative and Brazil Organising Committee Representative. The Flag was officially handed over by Y20 India Chair to the Brazilian Head of Delegation.

Outcome of the Summit in form of the Y20 Communiqué was signed by Heads of Delegation, which marked the conclusion of the various discussions held during the last few months. It is a testament to the collective common vision across the five identified themes of Y20, which will ensure that the voices of young people are heard by the highest-level decision-makers on global platform.

During the 4 day summit, delegates visited Sarnath, the famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple and the Ganga ghat during a river cruise. India’s rich art, culture and heritage left a long-lasting impression on the delegates from across the world. Rich and diverse cultural heritage of the holy city of Varanasi; its spirituality, literature, art, and music also mesmerized the delegates from G20 countries, guest countries and international organisations.

The Department of Youth Affairs, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India were entrusted with the responsibility to organize Youth20 (Y20) Summit-2023. A number of events were organised including the Y20 Curtain Raiser in New Delhi, Inception meeting in Guwahati, Y20 Pre-Summit at Leh, Ladakh, 14 Y20 Consultations at various universities across the country and 50 brainstorming sessions each by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS).