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Top 5 Perceiv Products making 3D/AR/VR technologies useful for learning, buying, and playing

New Delhi. : As more customers are demanding enhanced digital experiences, businesses are also accelerating their digital transformation journey. From education, brands & e-commerce to real estate, AR/VR, and 3D interaction has changed the world completely. Perceiv has come up with such best solutions that are highly in demand nowadays.

Perceiv Education: Perceiv Education holds a platform for Immersive Learning experiences. It designs & manages the Content Repository with the most simplistic toolkit to develop persuasive Interactive Environments. Customers can upload the 3D Model and 360 environments or even access the design and repository of their learning Modules. Also, it Drives Online & Offline classrooms with which the content works everywhere, out of the box – Laptop/ PC / VR/AR Headsets / Mobile. Drive, engage, and intensify the content communication for both online and offline classrooms.

Perceiv Brands & Ecom: Perceiv Brands and Ecom is a complete solution for the interactive visualization of products in 3D, which generates an immersive buying experience for brands and e-commerce. Perceiv Brands and Ecom features 3D product visualization with online customizations product 3d display and usability tests – technology that can help you make selections using the filters such as size, pricing, color, etc.

Perceiv Real Estate: Whether you’re a real estate broker, an agent, or a property dealer, Perceiv Real Estate immersive 3D virtual tours can boost commissions, reach a more vast range of audiences, and close on properties faster. Perceiv Real Estate enables Virtual tours or 3D tours that allow buyers to tour a for-sale home digitally. The online home buyer can check any part of the house from a different angle, just as the Street View on Google Maps, but this one is for the home’s inside.

Perceiv Survey: It helps to conduct online services for user’s feedback. For AR, researchers can share the survey URL with 3d realistic products to visualize and answer the questionnaire. Another side, for the VR survey, we also capture heatmaps of where the audiences looked and for how long.

Prodi G: A new product lineup known as Prodi G, AR games for learning that emphasizes exploration, fun play, and positive reinforcement—cheering children to become self-confident and intrinsically motivated. 

So now you can understand how fun and easy it could be learning, shopping, researching, and playing great games with Perceiv products.