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Udaan and IGNCA organized a mesmerizing three-day children’s theatre festival

New Delhi : – Udaan-The Centre of Theatre Art and Child Development, in partnership with IGNCA (Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts) under the Ministry of Culture, organized a mesmerizing three-day children’s theatre festival, showcasing the remarkable talent of young performers. The festival, held at the prestigious Samavet Auditorium, was skillfully guided, directed, and coordinated by the renowned Sanjay Tuteja.

The second day of the festival witnessed three captivating children’s plays that left the audience in awe. The first play, titled “Karravai Shuru Ki Jaye,” was brought to life under the expert direction of Krishna Rajput and Shivangi Mishra, both graduates of the prestigious National School of Drama (NSD). Their artistic collaboration resulted in a spellbinding performance, captivating the hearts of all who witnessed it.

Following “Karravai Shuru Ki Jaye,” the stage was set for the second play, “Gumnaam Baal Balidani,” directed by the talented duo Diana Ommen and Shubh Sharma. The play enthralled the audience with its gripping narrative and exceptional performances, showcasing the immense potential of the young actors.

The final play of the day, “Shakti,” directed by Diana Ommen and Saumya Bilunia, delivered a powerful and thought-provoking message. The directors’ creative vision was beautifully brought to life by the young performers, leaving a lasting impact on the spectators.

The festival was graced by esteemed chief guests who added prestige to the event. Dr. Nilanjana Kishore, a celebrated writer, theatre artist, educationist, historian, and retired principal, alongside Sh. Dharmender Singh, DGM of Indian Oil, honored the occasion with their presence. Gopendera Bhatt, former Media Adviser to the Chief Ministers of Rajasthan, and ex-Director of Information for the Rajasthan Government, also attended the event. Additionally, Prof. Dr. Richa Kamboj, Head of the Department of Kaladarsna, was among the distinguished guests.

The festival commenced with a traditional lamp lighting ceremony performed by the esteemed chief guests, symbolizing the illumination of knowledge and creativity. Subsequently, the guests had the privilege of distributing certificates and trophies to the talented children, acknowledging their exceptional performances and dedication to the art of theatre.

The event garnered tremendous support and appreciation from the audience, who were enthralled by the outstanding performances and the creative endeavors of all those involved. Udaan-The Centre of Theatre Art and Child Development, in collaboration with IGNCA and the Ministry of Culture, continues to provide a platform for nurturing young talent and promoting the art of theatre in the country. Through such initiatives, children are encouraged to showcase their skills, develop their passion for the performing arts, and inspire others with their incredible talent.