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UdhyamVyapaar Introduces TheIstri Project in Jaipur, Empowering Local Presswalas

The Project Has Already Transformed the lives of `6000 Istriwalas Across Bangalore and Chennai

UdhyamVyapaar, an initiative under the Udhyam Learning Foundation focused on supporting nano-entrepreneurs, has launched ‘The Istri Project’ in Jaipur. This initiative aims to transform the lives of local presswalas by enabling them to switch to LPG Iron boxes which are environment-friendly and efficient, versus the traditional coal-iron boxes. 

The project was kicked off at an event in Mansarovar, Jaipur, where 50+ LPG iron boxes were distributed among the local press walas. Following the distribution, the ‘Presswala Express’ was flagged off which will travel across different neighborhoods in Jaipur, creating awareness and facilitating the transition of Presswalas from coal to LPG Iron box. 

There are several benefits of LPG Iron Boxes over Coal Iron Boxes, some of them are:

Increased Income through: 

  • Higher Productivity : LPG-iron boxes heat up in just 2 minutes compared to the 2 hours required for coal boxes, significantly boosting daily productivity and hence income.
  • Lower Input Cost :Higher efficiency of LPG as a fuel results in reduced expenditure which adds to net increase in income.

Health Benefits: The movement to LPG iron boxes  nullifies the adverse effects of the coal fumes on the health of the Press Walas.

Environmental Benefits:   CO2 reduction equivalent to absorption by 77 trees for a year per presswala.

The Istri Project has already positively impacted the lives of ~6000 Presswalas in Bengaluru and Chennai. According to an independent study done by AzimPremji University, the transition to LPG iron boxes led to a 28% increase in net monthly return among the presswalas in Chennai. Jaipur is home to close to 4000 Coal using Presswalas, which is one of the highest among the Indian Cities. This was found in a recent survey conducted by DOORS India (Development Oriented Operations Research & Surveys) India, a social sector organization committed towards conducting social socio-economic research.

Speaking on the expansion of The Istri Project to Jaipur, Cyril Joseph, Program Lead – The Istri Project, Udhyam, said, “UdhyamVyapaar’s mission is to improve the lives of nano-entrepreneurs by addressing their specific business challenges. The Istri Project has been a successful project and has already enhanced the lives of close to`6000 presswalas across Bangalore and Chennai.By scaling up the impact of the Istri project to Jaipur, we are helping them gain the benefits of using an LPG Iron Box and enabling them to enhance their earnings, achieve sustainable livelihood and get a healthier life. We are planning to enable the transition of 350 Presswalas in the coming few months.”