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Vikas Chadha, Managing Director GI Outsourcing Wins Udyog Bharti Award

Vikas Chadha, MD, GI Outsourcing, a leading accounts outsourcing solutions provider for global businesses has been awarded the Udyog Bharti Award 2021 hosted by the Indian Achievers’ Forum in recognition for its outstanding performance achievement & contribution in nation building.

Vikas Chadha, MD, GI Outsourcing Won Udyog Bharati Award 2021

With this award, GI Outstanding creates another benchmark in the global accounts outsourcing industry. The brand is known for its incredible work for more than two decades. Its achievements are completely based on its ideology and commitment to offer the most innovative solutions through a work culture driven by positivity. The company firmly believes in maintaining a balance between conducting business and fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibilities in all possible ways.

The company works towards achieving operational excellence by empowering staff with the liberty to make planned decisions by creating goal-oriented personalised paths. The work culture, therefore, encourages productivity and leads to better performance.

Commenting on the achievement Mr. Vikas Chadha, Managing Director, GI Outsourcing said, “This is indeed a milestone that we have earned. Our initiative to build the brand GI Outsourcing has always been done keeping in mind the growth of our nation. The growth of our business is worth it if the society we are a part of grows. We therefore firmly believe in the integration of business with those of our employee values. Understanding the pulse of our workforce while committing to offer the most innovative account outsourcing solutions has been the recipe for our success. We are happy to have won this award and are looking forward to continuing with our efforts.”

The COVID-19 led Pandemic did pose some major challenges in the functioning of business initially. However, the new-normal practices followed by GI Outsourcing ensured to maintain its bar of client satisfaction. While taking relevant steps to safeguard employee’s health, the company ensured to have procedures and practices in place for employee well-being along with offering continued uninterrupted business functioning.