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Yogic Secrets Launches a Range of Nutraceuticals to Improve Quality of Life and Longevity

New Delhi. : Yogic Secrets healthcare ( is engaged in the business of nutraceuticals, committed to health and well-being through science-based nutritional products. The company has launched a range of nutraceuticals across therapeutic areas to improve the quality of life and longevity. The company’s product portfolio follows the protocol of standardized herbal and plant extracts backed by clinical studies to provide enhanced bio-absorption and bioavailability and can be taken as part of a daily dietary system and most of the ingredients used in the products are based on ancient wisdom, patented technologies and clinical studies. The finished products are rigorously tested to ensure quality, purity, potency, effectiveness and consistency.

Yogic Secrets launches a range of nutraceuticals to improve quality of life and longevity

Yogic Secrets started its journey in mid-2018 with an objective to offer preventive healthcare, management of lifestyle disorders and chronic diseases. The company’s goal is to support healthcare through all stages of life to be able to live the fullest life. This has been possible by harnessing the healing power of Mother Nature through tireless research and scientific validation. The main aim of the Yogic Secrets is to bridge the gap between cutting-edge ancient knowledge and mainstream medicine by offering nutritional support in the form of supplements as part of a regular diet that inevitably lacks nutrients that heal. At Yogic Secrets, it is ensured that all products are designed as per the needs of the target customer segment and backed up by clinical studies, scientific rationale, patented ingredients and technology. Yogic Secrets’ nutraceuticals are safe for daily consumption and can effectively prevent the onset of disease or avert an acute condition to turn chronic.

Mr. Anil Khandelwal, the Founder of Yogic Secrets, is an industry veteran and has spent key years of his professional life in the pharma and healthcare sector, both in India and overseas. Speaking on the launch, Mr. Anil Khandelwal, said, “I was intrigued by Mother Nature’s power of healing that led to interaction with several experts on the subject matter, renowned scientists and medical practitioners. This resulted in a business venture aimed to facilitate healthy living, not just disease management, which is being acknowledged and practiced norm in modern health management globally.These products are much needed in present times of surging lifestyle maladies due to sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating, stress and technological addiction.”

The product portfolio addresses key therapeutic areas like digestive health, heart health, sleep, stress and anxiety, joints and flexibility, respiratory health, weight management, energy management and immunity building and reversal of certain diseases. Yogic Secrets Healthcare has recently filed a patent for their ground-breaking products like TurQjoint Plus, that has highly purified and standardized herbal extracts with analgesic properties to support joint health and flexibility.

The range of products includes some of the innovative product formulations and ingredients. Yogic Secrets’ MCT oil boosts energy and stimulates metabolism, improves brain function, acts as a weight loss supplement because it speeds up metabolism. Yogic Secret’s Ashwagandha relieves stress & anxiety, improves sleep, supports immunity, enhances mental focus and improves energy and vitality. AyurGut™ made from a unique blend of 14 herbal extracts and standardised to polyphenols, is extremely beneficial for overall gut health, healthy digestion, improvement of gut microbiota and regulating bowel movement. OxyRush from Yogic Secrets has Red Spinach extract, which is a powerful source of nitric oxide. AyurMeric™, consists of Turmeric, Curcumin & Inulin fiber, supports anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and immune modulating. GudMorry possesses anti-oxidant properties and is rich in vitamin C that boost the immune system to fight against infections, combining the power of Guduchi, Moringa & Amla. All these products are very relevant in the present times when the fear of pandemic looms large and fortification of the body by growing the immunity is the only shield.

To ensure every offering of Yogic Secrets is perfectly pure and quintessentially natural, the company adopts global best practices adhering to international standards with an assurance of being tested for pesticides, insecticides & aflatoxin residues, heavy metals, microbial, preservatives and gluten-free etc. All the supplements are manufactured as per cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO standards at the facilities that are registered with USFDA.

Yogic Secrets is a venture that unites the passion of the industry leaders and scientists working relentlessly in the area of preventive health by coupling the power of natural micronutrients with scientific protocols for standardized extraction, maximizing bio-absorption and bio-activation and creating products that are supported by clinical studies. The prime objective of the venture is to eliminate the process of disease and mitigate lifestyle disorders rampant in today world, naturally.